Top 5 Yoga Studios in Hamburg

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Many associate Hamburg mainly with its red-light district Reeperbahn, underground techno and the rough nordic mentality. But with over 200 yoga studios, the metropolis in the north of Germany also represents one of Europe’s heartlands of yoga. As a yoga teacher myself, I see yoga as far more than only fitness or a physical practice – it’s a holistic philosophy, lifestyle, and science. Many schools for yoga in Europe though offer very westernized versions of what yoga means in the traditional sense. Therefore it can be challenging to find the right studio, offering profound yoga courses – especially in a big city like Hamburg with such an overwhelmingly big offer. So if you’re a traveling Yogi or Yogini, searching for the right place to practice your asanas, release stress and find inner peace, here’s the ranking of my top 5 yoga studios in Hamburg.

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#1 Soul & Yoga: Pure Mindfulness

Soul & Yoga is probably the most profound and authentic yoga school in Hamburg! The philosophy and concept of this lovely school is the shift towards positivity and mindfulness – being utterly free from dogmas, and considering that each person has its own potential and strengths. Founder Nicole Dechow is not only a highly experienced yoga teacher, specialized in Power Yoga, Kundalini and Yin but also a passionate blogger about mindfulness. Furthermore, she’s an instructor of Yoga Teacher Trainings, running retreats in Mallorca, engaging workshops about mindful blogging and yoga formations in Hamburg and India. Her versed knowledge reflects on the soulful yoga courses. Situated in a light-flooded old loft in the industrial district Speicherstadt, this yoga studio Soul & Yoga in Hamburg is my favorite place to take dynamic or restorative classes in town!  

Tip: As a traveling Yogi or Yogini you can get a trial lesson for 10 EUR and, in case you liked it, the following starter-pack of 3 lessons for only 20 EUR.

#2 InMir: School for Yoga and Zeitgeist matters

The InMir school for yoga and zeitgeist in Ottensen takes a holistic view of the topic of what yoga is traditionally, while staying aligned with current tendencies and trends. Thus, the style and concept of the inMir school is spiritually oriented but has emancipated part of the Indian philosophy. The courses evolve daily and continue to develop according to our modern life. The main focus of InMir lays on Anusara Yoga (Anusara means "flowing with grace" or "following the heart"). However, there are many other courses, such as Restorative Yoga (for the pure relaxation of body and mind), as well as meditation classes and inspirational workshops featuring zeitgeist topics (self-love, mindfulness or the proper dealing with media sensory overload). So, if you are looking for a little more than just the fitness component of yoga, the InMir school is the place for you to feel good, educate yourself and grow on a personal level.

Tip: As a traveling Yogi or Yogini you can get a 5-class-pass for 70 EUR or a 10-class-pass for 120 EUR (valid for two months).

Photo © Linda David
Photo © Linda David
Photo © Linda David

#3 Damn Good Yoga: No dogma, just yoga

Damn Good Yoga is not only damn good but damn cool, too. This hip yoga school, located in the student’s district Grindel, has its very own interpretation of spirituality – rather urban and modern, than esoteric. Away from dogmatic teaching strategies and clichés, you get very dynamic and profound, yet subtle and free-spirited classes, such as Core Yoga, Anusara, and Vinyasa Flow. Moreover, there’s an offer of Reiki, Health Coaching, and Ayurveda to complement the physical exercise of yoga and deepen your yogic philosophy and lifestyle. Besides the daily courses, Damn Good Yoga runs Yoga Teacher Trainings and other modules and interesting formations in Breathwork and Bhakti Yoga. By all means, you certainly get a damn good and deep dive into yoga, spirituality, and yourself. 

Tip: As a traveling Yogi or Yogini you can get a trial lesson for 10 EUR or a 2-week-pass for 35 EUR, having unlimited access to all courses.

#4 Ahoi Yoga: In tune with all elements

Already the naming of Ahoi Yoga is a reference to the maritime flair of Hamburg. This cool studio in Winterhude merges nordic elements with the traditional yogic beliefs. The interior design of Ahoi Yoga features lots of concrete in combination with warm woods – minimalistic and Scandinavian style, reflecting the aesthetic inclination of Hamburgers! Founder Sandra Höhlein chose the name Ahoi Yoga because she thinks that in yoga – just like in sailing – it’s all about the harmonious connection of all elements. According to this philosophy, the classes are very individual and with a lot of love to detail. You can choose between Vinyasa Flow, Yin, Hatha, Prenatal Yoga, Yin & Yang Flow, and courses specialized in spine health.

Tip: As a traveling Yogi or Yogini you can get a full week-pass for only 20 EUR, having unlimited access to all courses.

#5 Bikram Yoga Altona: Girl I wanna make you sweat

Whoever of you is interested in Bikram Yoga (also known as Hot Yoga), the studio Bikram Yoga Altona is the best place in Hamburg to try it out. Bikram Yoga is a 90minutes long class with 26 Hatha Yoga asanas in a heated space with roundabout 40°C. During the first classes, the heat may be uncomfortable and challenging for some people throughout the intense workout, especially for the circulation. But even if you’re overwhelmed and get dizzy, it’s recommended to at least try to stay inside the heated room – at best in relaxing postures like child pose or savasana. The temperature is supposed to maximize the flexibility of the muscles and cords and hence allow you to deepen your practice. The sequence of the asanas is always the same, which allows you to get into a routine after a while and focus on the correct implementation of the postures. After the course, you’ll be offered fresh mint tea, water, and fruits. And I can guarantee that you will feel like newly born afterward!  

Tip: As a traveling Yogi or Yogini you can get a 10-day-pass for only 20 EUR, having unlimited access to all courses.

Who would have thought that for experiencing authentic yoga you don’t need to travel to India or Bali?  Simply come to the north of Germany, check out the top 5 Yoga Studios in Hamburg and enjoy the diversity of courses and their qualified teachers. Namaste!

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