The Unmissable Sicilian Villages

Nicolas Casula | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Everyone has a personal recipe for recharging the batteries. Mine is simple: go to Sicily.

This stunning land offers everything a person can ask for: stunning landscapes; beautiful nature; a history among the oldest ones in Europe; rich culture; great food. You name it!

There is so much you can do in this beautiful island but today I will focus on the unmissable towns and villages, the BORGHI that will leave you speechless and will take your breath away. Italy has very beautiful cities indeed but let's not forget about the small and untouched villages, the kind you just can't find anywhere... except if you are in Sicily! I would strongly recommend a car (since some of them do not have efficient public transportation) and especially a small car since the streets are very very narrow :) And now, let me take you there (at least with your imagination) and make you dream a little!


Modica is the chocolate gem in Sicily; it was one of the first Spanish colonies after Spain conquered South America and cocoa beans were brought here in the attempt of creating something nice out of them.... and we can only say that Sicilians have been succeeding in their task! Not only they use a very special technique for working the cocoa beans, but they also combine them with local ingredients such as Lemon, chilly and almonds which translate into a delicious and unique experience! Modica is also a beautiful village to visit: its views are epic and just unforgettable. Take a stroll through the steps and narrow streets, get lost in the village and enjoy every second of it!


Ragusa and Ragusa ibla are known for their many many many churches and rich religious history. It is a beautiful town on top of a mountain and every corner tells a story which the locals are willing to share with you (even if you do not ask!). Truly unmissable and not far from Monica, Ragusa is a gem that will not disappoint you!


This is probably one of the most beautiful towns I have visited in all my life (and honestly, I have been visiting many towns!). Ortigia is the island next to Siracusa, so close that you can just walk there. By day it will take your breathe away and by night.... it will make you fall in love! Stunning little streets, great atmosphere thanks to the many musicians that fill the air, a lovely white piazza where the time seems to have stopped... this is one of my favorite spots ever!


Elegant and sophisticated, Taormina has the fascinating culture brought by the Greeks as well as the rich atmosphere that you can breath when there are many tourists visiting every year. Its lively streets and stunning Greek theater and of course, the beautiful view on the Mediterranean sea and on the Etna volcano will give you the time of your life! And if you want more... visit Isola Bella. The name says it all!


Framed by beautiful mountains and see, the way to Erice is worth in itself: it is a tortuous road that gets up in the hill with very sharp and narrow curves and great landscapes. And once you are up in Erice and ready to enter the town.... you have got more climbing to do! But you will not regret it as this town is among the most fascinating ones in Europe. Time has stopped in Erice and its amazing Castello di Venere as well as the patisserie Grammatico where they still make the Genovesi sweets as many years ago are the proof of that :)


In the very south of Sicily, Sciacca is in the Agrigento province and it is a town in the mountain known for its great ancient history and food. Make sure to stop there if you are on your way to the Valle dei Templi and you will not regret it! It gets crowded in summer but still worth a visit :)

Piazza Almerina

At the very heart of Sicily, known for its ceramics, Piazza Almerina is a true gem. This is where ceramics come from, a tradition that dates back when the Arabs were here. All the beautiful pieces you find in shops are probably made around here and . It is a beautiful place to visit, with many Artigiani willing to talk to you about their work and art.

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