The sweetest of Brussels

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Waffles ma belle

Photo credit @M.Makoz

If you think that with Belgium Holy trinity we have ended with the presentation of Brussels trademarks, then you are clearly mistaken. Our journey has just begun. After fries, beers and chocolate, another inevitable thing you simply must try when in Belgium are its magnificent, the most decadent and filling waffles.

By reading this, you are probably thinking that just by smelling Brussels trademark delicacies, you will gain a few kilos. Indeed, that happens to the people who just come to this land of guilty pleasures, but it does not stop them from indulging even more. And neither should it for you. One of the best things in Brussels is the intoxicating and utterly distracting smell of fresh waffles on the streets. Even though I am a foreigner, the smell triggers the most beautiful memories and definitely takes me to childhood and grandma’s kitchen. Therefore, you will be tempted to try out the first waffle stand you see, and you will not make a mistake. But if you feel like waiting for something even better, then I have a place for you.

Photo credit @M.Makoz

What is a better place to find la crème de la crème of traditional Belgium waffles than in the place called Waffle Factory. While you are walking through the city center and browsing through beautiful monuments and souvenir stores, you will see a small café and definitely a huge line of people. But trust me it is worth the wait, as Waffle Factory has by far the biggest variety of sweet toppings to really make your dessert memorable.

Even if you are not that big of a fan of sweet dishes, have no worries. You can select to try just plain waffles with some coffee, and it will be equally filling and delicious. If you, in fact, are looking for a memorable guilty pleasure, after which you will be full for hours to come, then Waffles Factory is the right place for you. You can pick waffles with nutella, chocolate, whipped cream and variety of fruits such as strawberries and bananas. Make sure to take a picture of those, since as you may see, they are really something. Finally, stay tuned for more Brussels trademarks to come.

Photo credit @Suzanna

Cover photo credit @Suzanna

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