The story of Lithuanian cheese “Džiugas” from Telšiai

Monika Grinevičiūtė | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In Lithuania, there is one part of the country where people are very proud of their cities and origin. They even have a different dialect that the people from other regions of the country cannot understand. This region is called Žemaitija - Samogitia in English, and it is rich with the Baltic Sea, a port city Klaipėda and a wonderful national park. In Samogitia, very charming and beautiful town Telšiai is located, and even the people from this town are very charming. Long story short - Telšiai is also proud of its dairy production, and it is a place, where a legendary Lithuanian cheese “Džiugas” was born. But, let's start our story from the roots of Džiugas.

Giant Džiukas

The story says* that Džiukas** was a great and fearless knight, who was defeating the Teutonic knights without a single drop of sweat. He was so strong and tall that he looked like a giant, and people believe that he created the Telšiai city, dug the lake of Telšiai and made a hill. The story tells that Džiugas and the Lithuanian* devils were close friends.

Almost every town of Lithuania has some legends, but the legend about Džiukas is widely alive and well-known, that even the legendary Lithuanian cheese is called Džiugas.

Something more

And that's how I am starting the story about the most popular and most loved Lithuanian cheese. The production of dairy products in the Telšiai town started around 1924. As the times passed, more and more quality and luxurious products were made. One of them is Džiugas cheese. It looks like a phenomenon how much the Lithuanians love this cheese. We even have the Džiugas cheese ice creams, that are actually very good. The business gifts or gifts for friends usually consist of one of the Džiugas cheese sets. Since it is so popular, there is no doubt that it is a very good product.

Picture © Credits to Diana Taliun

The types of cheese

There are four types of Džiugas cheese with one more limited edition type. The simplest one is called Mild with over 12 months of aging. Later on, we have the Piquant with over 18 months of aging, Delicate - over 24 months and Gourmet - with over 36 months of aging. Of course, the older the cheese is, the better the taste and quality it has. The cheese Mild is usually eaten together with simple dishes - pasta or sandwiches, while the Gourmet has the best taste together with a cup of cappuccino. Džiugas also has a very limited edition of cheese Luxurious, which is a true legend with over 48 months of aging. It is currently not for sale as only limited amounts are ripened to this maturity for release.

Picture © Credits to DjelicS

The house of Džiugas

The houses of Džiugas can be found in various towns of Lithuania, and of course in Telšiai and Vilnius. There, you can try the products of Džiugas cheese together with Lithuanian ice cream brand Dione, also there are served coffee and tea. The house of Džiukas has very nice interior and is a true heaven for all cheese lovers.

Picture © Credits to vasiliybudarin

From now, when you see the brand Džiugas cheese, be sure that it is exactly what you need to try and bring back home. As you have already heard the mouthwatering story of the Lithuanian cheese Džiugas and its roots in Telšiai,** **no intrigues have left, maybe just one small - the taste of it. So, do not wait too long and try it yourself.

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