The southern gate of Azerbaijan - Astara

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The southern gate of Azerbaijan - Astara is one of the most magnificent corners of Azerbaijan with its mysterious beauty. The archaic sources mention Astará's initial name, "Azarab", "Astara", "Ostoro". It is located in the south of the Azerbaijan Republic, on the border with the Islamic Republic of Iran. The historical facts confirm that Astara was one of the oldest and most advanced centres of Azerbaijan's Talysh (an ethnic group indigenous to a region shared between Azerbaijan and Iran). In the Middle Ages, Astara was a religious, cultural and commercial centre of the country. You can reach the region by bus or by train. The railway station is located three kilometres from the city centre.

The nature of Astara

The nature of Astara is breathtaking: The Tengerud and Astarcay rivers originate in the mountains and flow into the Caspian Sea. Near the city, there are the Talysh mountains that attract many tourists with its beauty. The region is famous for its rivers, springs and dense forests. Yanar Bulag and other mineral and thermal springs are among the most visited places in Astara. The genuine nature of Southern Azerbaijan- Hirkan National Park is also located here.

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Yanar Bulagh

The "Yanar Bulag Complex", which translated from the Azeri language means "burning spring", is located in the southern part of the village of Arıcıvan. What differs Yanar Bulagh from other springs is the water that is burning. Although this event was regarded as a miracle in the past, the scientists have discovered that the burning process of water is due to its sulphur content. Known as "Asadullah Fountain," this spring is the same in times of drought. According to the locals, only a few people knew about the existence of this fountain in the past. However, the news have spread to the whole district. This place is also convenient for those who use the Baku-Astara highway because they can take water with them.

The fact that the water burns in the source was also discovered by chance. Someone noticed that the water in the spring ignited under the sun rays, so he tried to light it up with the matches. After that, the spring became known as Yanar Bulag. It is noteworthy that you can drink water even when it burns - there will be no harm. The water here is truly healing, which was confirmed by the laboratory tests. Thus, the minerals in its composition contribute to the improvement of the digestive system. Currently, this spring, which is a true miracle of nature, is under the protection of the state.

Astara Boulevard

Today, a modern residential complex with two-story houses is built along the coast. Opposite of them is a new Astara Boulevard, stretching for one kilometre along the coast of the Caspian Sea. Entertainment is not inferior to Baku. You can find the fountains, artificial waterfalls, a fitness area and children's attractions here. After the park, there is an area for a beach holiday.

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In the air of the southern gate of Azerbaijan - Astara, you will smell the lemons and oranges. Here, the local fish is cooked in a special way, and Astarian tea is brewed deliciously. A subtropical climate allows you to enjoy warm days until late autumn.

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