The Peaceful Countryside of Bath

I feel as though there are a lot of underappreciated cities in the UK, and many visitors spend the majority of their time in London or Edinburgh or Birmingham, and miss out on a lot of really interesting, beautiful cities. The minor issue with cities like Bath or Newcastle can be getting there, as rail transport in the UK is expensive and not that fast. However, the remoteness of these cities is a hidden blessing, as it means they are certainly a bit calmer and quieter than their more popular siblings.

Roman History

The city has long been a centre of Roman history in the UK, and visitors here can find the Roman Baths, which were built in around 60 AD. Unfortunately you can't go in the water today, and the baths are a purely historical site. But regardless, there are few Roman Baths so well represented (not preserved, as many of the buildings above street level are not original).

Bath Abbey

Founded in the 10th Century with many alterations and additions since then, Bath Abbey is one of the central focus points of the city. From the tower at the top of the building, you can see the entire city, including the spa with a rooftop pool. Bath is a wonderfully ordered and organised city, and from this aerial vantage point you can really appreciate this.

Green space and wild nature

Just two or three kilometres outside of Bath there is a wealth of hiking trails, forests and hills, and I spent a night in a rural cottage in the Midford area. It's only a £10 taxi to get out of the city, but the lush green spaces are incredible. This southern part of Somerset is really once of the most idyllic parts of the UK. I also went horse riding at a local stable, and spent an hour exploring the abandoned and overgrown rail tracks, the beautiful and quiet forests that typify this area.

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