The must-sees of Villa Carlos Paz

Francisca Pizarro | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Located 30 minutes away from Córdoba is Carlos Paz, one of Argentina's most beautiful and most visited cities. The weather in this city is great, whenever you visit, which is always a plus. The city has a varied offer of tourist attractions for every type of traveler. Outdoors activities, natural landscapes and parks, and different cultural attractions await you in this gorgeous Argentinian city. This story will highlight the must-sees of beautiful Villa Carlos Paz.

San Roque Lake

San Roque Lake is the first artificial lake in Latin America! It is a big mirror that reflects the entire landscape that surrounds it. The absolute recommendation is to take a tour through the lake, as it is an unforgettable activity to live in Carlos Paz. Just sit, breathe and enjoy the marvellous view. While you are there, you will visit and observe the amazing dam that holds all together.

© Wikimedia/Juandrovandi

Aerosillas - flying chairs adventure

The aerosilla is basically a cable car but with no roof. Its name basically means flying chair, so you get the idea. It is an experience like no other and my personal favourite. Grab the hand of your companion while you soak in the amazing view that will present to you. Take your time to enjoy the way from the ground to the top of the complex, feel your feet lose and the breeze on your cheeks. Once you get to the top, you will encounter many activities to live, first and foremost, the unforgettable view. There are a lot of paths to explore and even an aquarium! This is an activity I highly recommend, and trust me, you will never forget it.

© Flickr/IM ME

Cucú Clock

Cucú Clock is the absolute emblem of the city. If you do not visit the Cucú Clock, you were not in the Villa Carlos Paz. As its name indicates, it is a big cuckoo clock located in the middle of the city. The best part and the whole point is that it actually works! Every half an hour, you can see the Cuckoo bird announce the time (exact hour and hour and a half). At one point, it was a hotspot for newlyweds and the biggest cuckoo clock in the world. 

© wikimedia/Reina Himelfarb

Uruguay Bridge 

A bridge and a gallery its what sums up this place. It is a very interesting place you cannot miss on your visit. It has a runway above the San Antonio River and a fantastic panoramic view of the San Roque River. The inside is as interesting as the view. In there, you can see different art expositions, events and a nocturnal show. The bridge lights up at night and provides one of the most beautiful urban views in Argentina. 

© wikimedia/fotos_joseluis

Cerro de la Cruz

"The Cross Hill" is the highest point of Villa Carlos Paz and the perfect attraction for the outdoor lover. To get there, you will have to use your trekking skills. The path leading to the top of the hill is gorgeous. As you go up, there is a lot of flora and fauna to spot. The climb to the cross is not a very demanding one, so I highly recommend visiting even if you are not the "athletic" type of tourist. The experience, the view and the satisfaction of getting to the top are very worth it. As a fun fact, the cross has an inscription, it reads: "Christus Vivit Regnat et Imperat", which basically means "Christ lives, reigns and prevails".

© Wikimedia/Juandrovandi

Fun in the sun

If you come to Villa Carlos Paz in summer, the fun is endless as well as the possibilities. The locals are very fond of the watering places in Carlos Paz. The eldest one is "El Fantasio", located in the San Antonio River and is particularly pretty and lively. When the water rises, it forms a small waterfall. Nowadays, it is a very family-friendly place to enjoy the summer and dodge a bit of the summer heat. 

Another place locals really like is the "Playas de Oro", which is a family-friendly place with shallow waters and every commodity needed to spend a nice outdoor day with family and friends.

© Wikimedia/Dario Alpern

Villa Carlos Paz is one of the most beautiful places I have ever set foot on. Argentina is a very beautiful country that will never disappoint you. It** is one of those hidden jewels that not many tourists think of when coming to South America, but these must-sees of Villa Carlos Paz** are just the tip of the iceberg of all the things you can live and do there.

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