The most popular dish of Azerbaijan - Piti

Aydan Isayeva | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Azerbaijan cuisine is very tasty and varied. During your trip to the land of fire, you need to forget about diets because the Azerbaijani dishes are simply not compatible with that. The most popular dish of Azerbaijan is Piti. This dish, with its original cooking and eating method, will lead you to the heights of gastronomic bliss. It is a sort of a lamb soup, that is cooked in a closed clay pot with an addition of chickpeas and chestnuts. The taste of Azerbaijan piti can not be found in the cuisine of any other country in the world.

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Cooking process

One of the main features of the cooking process is that each pot is designed for one person, and most importantly, these pots should be already used, before they begin to cook piti. These pots need to be saturated with water and fat. In such prepared pots, you can cook real, tasty Sheki piti. The main ingredients of this soup are lamb, chickpeas and baked chestnuts. In a piti, you can also add vegetables, cherries, plums or quinces. Firstly, you need to add the salt, chickpeas, slaughtered lamb and tail fat to the clay pot. Then we put it** in the oven. It takes about 6-8 hours to prepare the piti. If the meal stays in the oven until the next morning, it will be tastier. The spices that are part of the ingredients give the Azeri soup** a special flavour.

Originality of eating

Piti is a starter and the second dish at the same time. İt is served on the table in pots with the sumakh, onion, and pickles. The eating process of piti is original as much as its cooking procesş. Firstly, the sumakh is added into the plate and then the chopped bread on it. The water from the pot is filtered on the bread. When the first part of the meal is over, the second operation begins. This time, the peas and meat are put on the same plate and crushed. We should also put the onions on the table next to the piti. As a lamb is considered to be a heavy meal, eating the piti with onion makes it easier to digest.

Try Piti in Sheki

Piti is a king's dish in Sheki. İf you are in Sheki, you must try Piti here. It is served in almost all restaurants of the city. The prices are very affordable here. One of the best places where you can taste the piti, but also other delicious Azeri foods, is the Ganjlik Restaurant, located near the Sheki Bazaar. World-famous French actor Gerard Depardieu felt the taste of the real Sheki Piti in this restaurant.

Pity, the most popular dish of Azerbaijan, is a real identity card of the ancient city Sheki. Today, this rich soup with lamb attracts the lovers of delicious food to Sheki. Do not forget to taste it in the city of people with a sweet accent.

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