The most monumental restaurant of Belgrade - Restaurant Monument

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Monument restaurant

It is impossible to talk about Belgrade, glorious Serbian capital, and not mention food. You will be right when you say it is quite heavy, with a pinch of greasy and salty flavours. You will also be right to say it definitely resembles the Greek and Turkish cuisine. But you will also have to say it is absolutely fabulous! For those reasons, I am taking you to the fantastic, monumental and memorable place in Belgrade called Monument restaurant.

Photo credit © iStock/Jovan Ciric

You are probably wondering what is so special about this place that it deserves the name of Monument restaurant? In fact, there is a great reason for it. Now, I will not bore you with a history lesson but I will give you a small piece of information – the name of the Monument restaurant comes from the very famous historical monument called Milosev amam (a Turkish bath) built within Savamala Castle of Prince Milos Obrenovic. On that very important spot today we can find this amazing Monument restaurant, connecting the premises of both worlds – traditional and modern cuisine. This concept of popularizing cultural monuments through their catering facilities gives the Monument restaurant a special connection to history and enables a natural fit in the environment. What makes this place so close to my heart is its location in my neighborhood, the very place where I took my first steps, had my first falls and first attempts to run.

Photo credit © Lejla Dizdarevic

Apart from sharing my genuine affection towards Monument restaurant, I can tell you what makes it different in comparison to the other restaurants. The very unique, old-school, typical Serbian interior with modern furniture is something rather unique. Monument restaurant has a glorious, outdoor garden, with several waterfalls which really make you feel as if you have travelled to an exotic destination. It is common to have a friendly staff of waiters in Belgrade, but it is not that ordinary to have a professional, highly educated crew of experts who will serve you as if you were the Prince Milos Obrenovic himself!

Photo credit © iStock/ Milica Masic

Moreover, another extraordinary thing about Monument restaurant is its menu, which is a perfect mix of rich, traditional cuisine to modern Mediterranean, Chinese and Japanese dishes. The greatest thing for all of you who indulge a lot during your stay in Belgrade is that all of the dishes in Monument restaurant are quite low in fat, very fresh and rich in vitamins. In the spirit of healthy nutrition, Monument restaurant also offers "healthy treats" - freshly squeezed juices of various combinations of fruits and vegetables, as well as fruit plates with honey, ice cream and chocolate. Even all of their cakes and pastries are made in accordance with Mediterranean recipes, the same ones Sofia Lauren indulges in - so have no guilt and dig in!

No matter what you order, fish, red meat with vegetables or a decadent pasta, you simply must try my favourite thing on their menu – white pizza. It is usually served as an appetizer, which is quite dangerous as you might eat a lot of it. But all of that will make your visit to the Monument restaurant quite monumental.

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