The most instagrammable cafes in Bratislava

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Instagram is a great tool to find inspiration, especially if you are traveling. There might be some charming bistros, picturesque streets, or other hidden gems that cannot be found in travel guidebooks. But nowadays, you can easily search online for some 'Instagrammable places' that only locals know about and get some great shots yourself. Here are the most charming cafes in Br[atislava]( that are worth visiting - not just for a picture.

Pink Garden

This place is located in an urban district called Petržalka. However, it is worth making a trip outside of the touristic city center to explore the area west of the Danube river. One of the reasons might be the cute and definitely photogenic cafe, Pink Garden. The main feature is a pink flower wall that will make you feel like you really are in a garden, no matter what the weather outside is. And right in front of the wall, there is a pink (surprisingly) swing that literally encourages you to take pictures. On the menu of this Insta-friendly cafe, you can find delicious coffee, cakes, snacks, and numerous alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks.

© Foursquare/Bekir D.

U Kubistu

Just a few blocks from the National Theater, you can find a hipster-ish bistro, the U Kubistu. They have a mouth-watering seasonal menu with handpicked local ingredients and first-class fair-trade coffee. If you are a coffee freak, your craving will definitely be satisfied here because baristas can make your coffee great in a million ways. The interior of this bistro is simple; most likely, you will meet like-minded people who come here with their laptops to work. However, when the weather is nice, they have outside seating too. You will have the most amazing view on Klemensova street, a very photogenic street in Bratislava ́s city center

© facebook/ukubistu

Bistro St. Germain

Have you ever been to Bratislava to suddenly end up in Paris? Well, that might happen if you visit Bistro St. Germain in downtown Bratislava. Bring your mind to the old-time cafes in France and enchant the imagination with a great scent of coffee, the taste of fresh croissants, and crispy baguettes. That might as well be the proper description of St.Germain's bistro. It is a perfect place to read your book with a glass of wine or a cup of coffee and just enjoy the atmosphere. During lunchtime, you can try here also some French dishes.

© S.Germain/Jeremy Swartz

Urban House

Urban House is a cafe, bar, and bistro located at Laurinská street in the city center of Bratislava. Urban house is in a spacious place designed in an industrial style while combining 'modern with vintage.' The main feature is the colorful chairs that will definitely brighten your day, and provide high contrast with its factory-like surroundings. You can also relax and read a book in a hammock.  Coffee is delicious, and it is served in colorful vintage cups, ideal for your Instagram pictures! The selection of dishes and cakes is also extensive, including numerous raw, vegan, and vegetarian options

© UrbanHouseBratislava/unknown author

Konditorei Kormuth

Konditorei Kormuth is a patisserie in a luxurious area near the Bratislava castle. The name 'Konditorei Kormuth' builds on a history of the Austro-Hungarian Empire when it was common to hear the German language and see German signs all over Bratislava. The entire interior includes original, historical antique pieces from the 16-19th century. The premises are decorated with paintings and frescoes in the Renaissance style that focus on the history of Bratislava. Besides the beautiful historical interiors, highly photogenic are also the cakes made according to original, old recipes, following the Austro-Hungarian tradition.

© Flickr/John W. Schulze

Well, I hope you put all of those Instagrammable cafes on your travel itinerary because they are not just insanely photogenic, but also spots where you can get fantastic coffee too. After a full day of exploring Bratislava's city center, coffee sounds like a great treat. So enjoy, and do not forget to take some pictures for your Insta-feed!

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