Guiltless pleasure: vegan restaurants in Bratislava

Andrea Kacirova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Bratislava ́s food scene is growing fast, and you can find here pretty much everything, from every corner of the world. If you are a vegan, or you just want to opt for a non-meat, non-dairy dish for a change, looking for places to eat might be sometimes difficult, especially when traveling. But don't worry, we got you covered! Here are the best guiltless restaurants in Bratislava, that will definitely please your cravings.

Made with Laf

Made with Laf is a very cozy family bistro that cares a lot about our environment, healthy lifestyle, and helping others. That is why you can find people with disadvantaged backgrounds working there, all the packaging is from completely compostable materials, and dishes are, of course, vegan. *Made with Laf *bistro is offering soups, salads, burgers, falafels, and baked goodies. It also has a lunch menu for a discounted price. You can opt for gluten-free dishes. But the best part about this bistro is that you can try our traditional food halušky (made with sheep cheese and bacon) in a completely guiltless version!

© madewithlaf/unknown author

Fach Juice Shop

Fach Juice Shop is part of the Fach Bistro. While Fach Bistro is not entirely vegan (but you can find plenty of vegan options as well), Fach Juice Shop is promoting a healthy lifestyle, and their menu is entirely plant-based. If you are on the go, they have an amazing selection of cold-pressed juices that naturally preserve all nutritional values, vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals. For a healthy breakfast, you can opt for home-made granola with plant-based milk or choose one of the many yummy smoothie-bowls. For lunch, you can choose from vegan salads, curries, burritos, or sandwiches.

© fachbratislava/unknown author


Foodstock used to be just a food truck, but due to gained popularity, they had to open a regular bistro. This bistro is leaning a bit towards an Asian side. You can find here amazing dishes like crispy vegetable gyoza with teriyaki sauce, miso soup, different variations of hummus, or probiotic magic called kimchi. But that is, of course, not everything; delicious homemade bread and desserts will leave you speechless. In addition to this, tap water comes for free with any dish (unfortunately, it is not very common in Bratislava, even though it definitely should be!). But hey, really. Try their gyoza. Warning: it is highly addictive! 

© Foodstockbratislava/ unknown author


Thali is a popular Indian and Thai chain of restaurants. You can find it in 7 different locations all over Bratislava, and the most central location is at Dunajská street. Several dishes (spicy, non-spicy, vegan, etc.) are offered every day, and you pay either for a whole lunch menu, or you choose whatever you want, and the price depends on how much your whole plate weights. The food is very authentic and prepared by chefs that come from India, so if you like exotic cuisine, this is the right option for you. They also serve delicious desserts, and tap water is free of charge. In general, the prices here are very friendly compared to other places in the city center of Bratislava.

© restauracia.thali


Re:fresh is a music club during the night and a restaurant during the day. It is a place that attracts young people that look for quality and moderate prices. Re:fresh is not an entirely vegan restaurant, but they have an extensive vegan menu, as well. The restaurant is open from the morning; breakfast or brunch is also a possibility. During lunch you can choose from several dishes for discounted prices. The menu also includes delicious vegan burgers, but if you really want to try something unique, I recommend an old school vegan Czecho-slovakian salad.


There are numerous restaurants and bistros all over Bratislava that will fill you up with delicious vegan food. It is not that difficult to find your guiltless pleasure here. Just make sure you put those five amazing vegan places to your notes while preparing your Bratislava itinerary.

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