The island of Groix, a miracle of nature

Sladjana Perkovic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The island of Groix (L’ile de Groix) is a real miracle of nature that you can access only by ferry from Lorient. This is a small island with mild micro-climate and a beautiful coastal path that goes all around the island. Here, you can find the spectacular high cliffs, beaches with wonderful fine sand and many small coves. The island of Groix also** **has a lot of secret and charming places, such as a convex shape beach, the most unusual one in Europe, accessible by a small path and sheltered by a high cliff. This place is absolutely astonishing and worth visiting for a day trip. 

Tuna fishing

In the 19th century, the island of Groix became the major albacore tuna fishing port in France. The season lasted from June to October, and almost 2 000 inhabitants of this island made their living from tuna. But the things changed in the 20th century. The tuna fishing declined between two World Wars, after the coming of motorized boats. You can still see some charming fishermen houses from the 19th century on the island. Despite that, in the restaurants on the island of Groix, you can enjoy the fresh seafood. I recommend you the hotel and restaurant “Les Alizés” that offers simple but delicious cuisine made from fresh products.

Eco Museum

Opened in 1984, in an old cannery, the Eco Museum of the island of Groix, retrace the history of this island and its inhabitants. The exhibition of old pictures and paintings as well as the objects from the Mesolithic to more recent present, such as a 1950s lifeboat, reveals the everyday life on this island. This museum is also a perfect place where you can learn so many things about island’s plants and wildlife and its rock formations. The island of Groix is known as home to many different kinds of seabirds, and it is also famous as a mineralogists’ heaven, because of its rich variety of minerals and the geological features concentrate on the island’s cliffs. The Eco Museum is open from May to September and from October to April, and the visits are possible only with a reservation.

Blue shades

The island of Groix is a real miracle of nature, and the best way to explore it is by bike or foot. A little tip: if you are too tired to walk or bike all day, on the island you can rent an electric bike. This is the best and fastest way to discover the island of Groix. And one more thing, don’t forget your camera. Take a picture ten minutes after sunset, and that way you will capture the most incredible blue shades of the sky.

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