The history of traditional Slovenian woodcraft: Suha roba

Darja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

"Suha roba", also known as woodenware, is the biggest and oldest woodcraft in Slovenia, spread in the region of Lower Carniola, especially in the area of Ribnica, where most of its products are made. These unique craftworks,* with a long history, are one of the traditional customs typical for this Slovenian **region and spread all over the country as useful wooden products *made by the hands of experienced and committed workers.

The beginnings of the woodcraft called "suha roba" go back to the time when most of the everyday products and tools were homemade. Usually, each family would specialize in a different type of woodenware, which was transmitted from one generation to the next. That is how the making and selling of these wooden products has been kept on the Slovenian** territory for over 500 years**.

When hearing the term "suha roba", most Slovenian people instantly think of the area and the town called Ribnica, which is best known for this craft and where you can find the biggest choice of various wooden products. Some of the most known are the wooden spoons for cooking or eating, baskets, pots for cooking and saving food, toys and decorations. All of these products are made entirely from the wood, which is a natural material, making them environment-friendly, long lasting and perfect for everyday use.

You can also visit the Museum of Ribnica (Muzej Ribnica), which includes various interesting exhibitions, if you are interested in the more detailed history of woodcraft in Slovenia and the town Ribnica itself.

There is a craft market called “Ribniški Semenj” that is dedicated to "suha roba" and pottery typical for this area, and it takes place in the town of Ribnica each year on the first Sunday in September. On the main street, you can see over 500 stalls with the home-made wooden products and even products from other traditional crafts typical for different parts of Slovenia. You can enjoy a stroll down this lovely market and buy a useful and beautiful souvenir, and you can observe the making of the wooden products being presented.

When visiting the centre of the Slovenian woodcraft - Ribnica, you should definitely take some time to go to one of the local shops in the town where you can find the traditional wooden products and learn about the history of "suha roba" from the friendly locals themselves. You are always welcome here!

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