The hidden beauty of the market halls in Budapest (PART II)

Vivi Bencze | Live the World

November 23, 2022

As I promised you in my last article on the markets in the Hungarian capital, I am now going to introduce you three further wonderful places. Many of us like going to the market in a great weekend morning, so come with me and explore the hidden beauty of the market halls in Budapest. Even if you’d rather keep pushing the snooze button, you might take a fancy to it.

Downtown Market (former Hold Street Market)

It was renovated recently, so the old Hold Street Market Hall operates under the name of Downtown Market now, which is a real gastronomic specialty in the middle of Budapest. In addition to the fresh vegetables and fruits, you can also have some real Hungarian peculiarities, such as beef made of traditional grey cattle, but you will have a chance to taste Hungarian mangalica meat and national drinks too. My favourite thing about this market is that you don't only buy fresh products here, but you can even have something to eat on site as well, regardless if it is breakfast, lunch or dinner time.

Location: 13 Hold Street, Budapest 1054

Fehérvári Street Market

The Fehérvári Street Market’s biggest strength are the flowers: you can get fresh, beautiful bouquets at a considerable price. Furthermore, you don’t even have to pay for the access, which is an established custom in the case of flowers markets here. Roses, tulips, hydrangeas, mixed bouquets of flowers, herbs, potted plants – you can have all these beauties, so it is really a hard decision what to purchase and take home. You shall sacrifice more than an hour to make the final choices. However, there are not so many shops in comparison to the size of the hall, but I’m sure you’ll find what you came for. The finest fruits and vegetables are on the ground floor, as well as the best street food restaurants. If you like traditional Hungarian fish soup, it is definitely the place you are looking for!

Location: 7-9 Kőrösi J. Street, Budapest 1117

Lehel Market

The opinions on Lehel Market are divided among locals. A lot of people say that ever since it was renovated, it’s barren and it has lost its old ambiance. Meanwhile, the other side of people still loves it, because of its large selection – I suggest you visit it as well. You’ll enter right at the grilled chicken counter when you step in, which smells really great. The locals say you have to know where to go and where to buy what you want at Lehel Market because you can easily have low-grade products here. If you get hungry during the shopping, I recommend you to get a “Lángos” at Lángos Centrum - it will immediately become one of your favourite Hungarian food, I’m sure about it.

Location: Váci Street 9-15, Budapest 1134

Well, that’s all. You are now offered all the significant and worthwhile spots, where you can find the necessary ingredients for your daily courses and even more. One thing is sure though: go to any of these suggestions, you’ll certainly find the hidden beauty of the market halls in Budapest. Have a good shopping!

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