The greatest Slovenian writer - Ivan Cankar

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November 23, 2022

2018 is a special year for Slovenia. Upon our initiative, we were celebrating the first World Bee Day in May this year, which reminds us of importance of beekeeping. 2018 is important also for the culture and literature. Especially since it marks the 100-year anniversary of the death of the greatest Slovenian writer Ivan Cankar. If France Prešeren is known as the mastermind of Slovenian poetry, then Cankar is the leading force in the field of storytelling through tales, novels, dramas and much more. His stories and characters reached the minds and hearts of people all over Slovenia and Europe and still have an important role in schools, cultural institutions and even private lives of many Slovenians. Let me introduce some of the best ways how you can get to know more about his life, work and legacy. 

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Because of the important influence he and his work had on the development of Slovenian literature and politics in the previous century, our country has decided to mark the year 2018 as Cankar’s year or Cankarjevo leto. The purpose of this is to honour his life and work with various cultural events thrown all over the country in museums, galleries, libraries and other cultural institutions. The Slovenian theatres are making performances of some of his most known works and a lot of concerts and other cultural events are taking place to honour Cankar, whereas many of them will be hosted in his hometown Vrhnika.

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The 11th of December 2018 will mark the 100-year anniversary of the death of this famous Slovenian writer, who left a strong seal on the culture and awareness of Slovenian people with his written thoughts and stories. Ivan Cankar was born in the town of Vrhnika in a house on a hill, where he lived along with his 11 brothers and sisters. His life, family and birthplace were often an inspiration behind his short stories, where he describes the struggles he and his family had to go through, due to poverty and belonging to the lower class of society.

You can get to know the life and legacy of Ivan Cankar in his hometown of Vrhnika by visiting a museum called Cankarjeva spominska hiša or Cankar Memorial House, which is located in the same place where once Cankar was born. His original birth house was unfortunately burnt down by a fire, and in 1880, a new house was built in its place, still standing today and offering a complete experience of his time with the exhibitions of his belongings, pictures, drawings and much more.

Picture © Credits to: visitvrhnika

In Vrhnika, you will also get the opportunity to taste traditional dishes, leading back to the time, when Ivan Cankar was living and creating in the area. Two menus have been created in the writer’s honour, and you can order these in some of the local restaurants in Vrhnika and its surroundings. After the meal, you can enjoy a cup of delicious coffee to commemorate one of the most famous sketches Cankar wrote – A Cup of Coffee (“Skodelica kave”), all this while discovering the anecdotes about the greatest Slovenian writer.

Picture © Credits to: visitvrhnika

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