The gastronomy journey around Montenegro

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Cultural-historical monuments and the customs define us as a nation, but we must not forget that we are also defined by the food. In Montenegro - the center of the home was a hearthstone. Underneath of it, the fresh bread, meat with potatoes or any other meal releasing the beautiful aroma around the house would be prepared. Above it - a dark red piece of smoked ham or a piece of smoked fish from the lake would hang.

Let’s start this journey on the seaside. The fish and the seafood is prepared on the barbecue, various soups and stews, seasoned with the different herbs and spices, are being made on the hearthstones... Once you try it - you want more. For gourmands like me - prosciutto wrapped shrimp skewers are a must! We finish with a glass of a fine white wine and we continue with our journey.

Traveling a bit up and reaching Lovcen - our senses are enjoying red wine or rakija that opens up our appetite, then we take a bit of smoked ham from Njegusi or sausage together with the smoked cheese with its ever golden color. As a dessert - dried figs.

Back in the car! Just a half an hour later we are at the important gastronomy stop - Skadar Lake. A green kanu, fish net and the lakes treasure - Skadar carp or some tasty wader bird to be cooked or prepared as a stew. As soon as we are done admiring the beautiful landscape of Skadar Lake, we drink our coffee up, pack our cameras away, and we are ready to move on.

When we finally reach the north - there, just by the road we see a lamb being roasted on a spit, releasing the smell of the fresh herbs, only possible to find here. Creamy dairy products such as kajmak and skorup are being made in this area. If you decide to spend couple of days in the north, there is no better way to start your day as with the kacamak and a glass of a homemade yogurt. Not to mention cicvara or a freshly baked corn bread.

This article specifically, was just a small introduction into Montenegrin cuisine, with my wish to show you that apart from the beautiful landscapes and history that we have, when visiting Montenegro one can enjoy its unique cuisine. So why wait? Come and taste all the flavors of Montenegro. Bon Appétit!

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