The first place tourists visit in Baku – Baku Boulevard

Nilufar | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Baku Boulevard is the first place that tourists visit in Baku city. It is the biggest park in Azerbaijan, which is 26 km long. The park is located along the shore of Caspian Sea. The park starts from Port of Baku and ends at the National Flag Square.

Baku Boulevard is the place that you can find variety of activities such as attractions for children and adults, shopping mall, cafes and restaurants, cycling and many others.

From Port of Baku, park starts with different types of attraction for children and adults. After that, there is a shopping mall called Park Bulvar. You can enjoy shopping from many famous brands, as well as café and restaurants in this shopping mall. Besides the shops and restaurants, there is a cinema and children section here.

While walking ahead you will see many cafes in the park, where you can enjoy the traditional tea or shisha in the open air with a beautiful sea view.

Another famous activity of Baku Boulevard is a boat trip in Caspian Sea. It is a 30 minutes trip, which costs just 2.5 EUR per person. Trips take place every 30 minutes.

If you walk through the park, you will see a Ferris wheel called Baku Eye in the New Boulevard part. For only 2.5 EUR, you will have the chance of seeing Baku from the top.

Besides the Ferris wheel, you can enjoy cycling in New Boulevard. Just for 1EUR, you can take a bicycle for an hour.

At the end of the park, there is the National Flag Square, where there is the biggest flag of the world, which is 70 by 35 meters and 162 meter high.

Apart from all these activities, jogging in the morning or just an evening walking with Baku breeze is one of the most desirable activities of the Baku Boulevard.

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