The exhibiton "Odrazi"(Reflections) in Belgrade

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The masterpieces at the Street Gallery

Feeling artsy today? Because I know I am. I always love to see the artwork of the new, young, rising, creative people who put their heart and soul on the canvas and present it right in front of you. It always makes me think what is hidden behind each one of the drawings and what is the message that the artist wanted to convey. If you would like to get lost, take a break from the real, tiring, world and visit an exhibition that is entertaining, provocative and anti-norms, then allow me to present you the “Odrazi”(Reflections) Exhibition that is taking place from 9-22 March in Ulicna Galerija (Street Gallery) of Belgrade.

Have you ever thought what a reflection is truly? Is it just an image of an object in a mirror or water, or maybe just an illusion? These and many other questions will rise upon your first encounter with the artwork at the Ulicna Galerija(Street Gallery). The Exhibition “Odrazi”(Reflections) is a first collaborative presentation of the two young and talented artists Jelena Jacimovic (Jachim 992) and Lea Levi, whose sensibility and approach to art are highly compatible.

“Odrazi”(Reflections) is a set of illustrations where different human traits, moods, feelings and internal struggles of individuals are displayed through a series of scenes. Their drawings are predominantly personal - they reflect the critical attitude of the author towards the social norms that make us feel trapped. However, anyone can equally relate to the artwork and interpret the drawings in their own and unique way, which is the overall goal of the exhibition. Jelena Jacimovic (Jachim 992) is a young illustrator, activist and advocate of the freedom of the expression while Lea Levi is an architect and an illustrator who finds the inspiration for her art in the everyday life situations. Lea’s trademark are usually entertaining, bright-colored caricatures with criticizing approach.

All this and many other intriguing exhibitions you may see at the Ulicna Galerija (Street Gallery) located in the very center of Belgrade, which represents the most famous initiative in order to take advantage of the ruined public space in cultural and art purposes. Street exhibitions in this urban area always have a great number of visitors, which testifies the young people’s awareness and urge to discuss about pressing societal issues. Ulicna Galerija is famous for the wide variety of themes and worldwide authors with different artistic sensibility. Moreover, it inspired similar initiatives in other locations in Serbia such as Novi Sad, Smederevo and Valjevo. Finally, the incredible value and importance of this Street Gallery is awarded by the European Prize for Urban Public Space in 2014, as the best public art initiative in Europe. So, what are you waiting for? Join me on this amazing journey of self-reflection.

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