The Blue Lagoon of Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Kazakhstan is one of the most attractive countries for people who love photography and search for hidden places to capture. In summer 2019, there was a boom of pictures taken around a beautifully looking water with light blue and green colors surrounded by limestone rocks. Once you are in the capital city of Kazakhstan, find yourself in the most popular hidden and local spot, the Blue lagoon of Nur-Sultan. 

© instagram / naz_makhanova

How to reach it

If you have a car or a local friend to go with, there shall be no problem finding the place, as there are many publications on mass media posted by local people with detailed information on how to reach it. By car, a one-way road should take from 20 to 30 min. If you decide to take a taxi, it is advised to use the gas station of 'Severnaya obyezdnaya, 49': then use the local map application 2GIS, follow the direction for almost 2 km. If you decide to use a public bus, take the following buses: 39, 307, 317 to reach the bus station called Alay Bazar, which is a local market; there is also the big grocery store Magnum there. From this spot take Severnaya obyezdnaya street and go across it for about 4km. To make sure that you are in the right direction, there shall be a thermal power plant on your left side. As soon as it stays behind you, it means you are getting closer. Pay attention to the right side; there you will see an off-road made for cars in the steppes; follow this road, and you will reach your destination! 

© instagram / aigerimka_mn

Blue lagoon

The blue lagoon of Nur-Sultan has a made-up name given by locals due to its unusual contrast of watercolors that are surrounded by limestone rocks. This spot does not look like any other regular place of Kazakhstan with its greenery, forests, lakes, rivers, and mountains. Therefore it caught the eye of many locals who always go there and take gorgeous photos. In the summer of 2019, locals started posting pictures with the background of the so-called surreal place, which made it famous till nowadays. The small lake, however, is not recommended to swim in. It was officially announced that the water might be unsafe to swim in. It is said that the water has unusual colors because of the chemicals thrown by factories nearby. Nevertheless, for those who seek to have rare photos, it is the right place to be. Usually, the roundtrip takes around 1 hour by car and another 1 hour that can be spent taking pictures. In the steppes, you can also meet a herd of wild horses and take the chance to take more beautiful pictures

© instagram / naz_makhanova
© instagram / naz_makhanova

Since it is not a tourist destination, there are no grocery shops or any other comforting utilities. So, it is recommended to bring water and snacks to have a little break while enjoying this magnificent view. It is the perfect place to get away from the big city sounds: get closer to nature's purity, air, environment while you are still in a close distance to the city. .The fact that this place is not commonly known, makes it more attractive as a hidden yet unusual place to visit: the Blue lagoon of Nur-Sultan city awaits!

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