The newest discovery of Kazakhstan: Pink Lake Kobeituz

Nazerke Makhanova | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Travelers seeking to visit remote and unique places, nature photographers, and explorers, beware! There is a new must-visit place in Kazakhstan. Just a couple of weeks ago, the local media massively started reporting about the new pink lake that was discovered in Northern Kazakhstan. Shortly after, people from all over the country began traveling to Nur-Sultan, to make their way to reach the place. The total number of dawn-tinted lakes around the world doesn't exceed ten, and now you can add the newest discovery of Kazakhstan to this list:  Pink Lake Kobeituz.

© Nazerke Makhanova

What is Kobeituz? 

Kobeituz is a small lake, located near the town of Ereimentau, about 160 km away from Nur-Sultan. In the Kazakh language, “Kobei” means - multiply and “tuz” - salt, which may give you a hint about the properties of the lake. Everyone knows about the healing effects of mud and salt; in summer, and especially with the sun, you can get an incredible boost in immunity and health. They say that the lake turns pink once in a few years, but no one knows for sure the answer to the question of how often and for how long this phenomenon occurs. The lake receives a pink color from the saline-water microalgae Dunaliella, the same species that color the pink lakes in Spain, Canada, and Australia.

© Nazerke Makhanova

A personal note

I have never seen a lake of a different color than blue in my life, except for the pale green that occurs in special lighting. I saw the ocean and the sea with all the shades of blue and azure colors. But, the water of this natural pink-colored pond haunted me, so I was in a hurry to see this miracle with my own eyes.

From afar, the lake shimmers with different colors: lilac, purple, and violetKobeituz is shallow and very salty. In some places, it felt like I was walking on the pink ice. For a brief moment, it felt like it was winter - in a fairy-tale setting, that is. The salt has stuck to my boots just like the snow, and I can still, a week later, see its traces** on them. The funny thing is that shoelaces suddenly become very hard to untie, due to the effects of the salt. Now, I feel a little bad about washing them and could, perhaps, keep them as unique souvenirs. Note that it's merely a visual experience - when you get into the water, **you may walk quite far, but it won’t reach the knee. 

© Nazerke Makhanova

Where to eat?

The pink lake is not made for tourists' comfort. There will be, most likely, just you and nature in its pure appearance. When you leave the lake and get back to the road, you will see the Akzhol cafe nearby where you can enjoy the local cuisine or a cup of coffee. Be sure to bring cash, as the cafe does not accept bank cards, and there are no ATMs nearby. On the way back from Akzhol cafe, I saw peculiar structures looking like the mini version of some observatory. Curious as I am, I made a stop to find out what it was. This is a new cafe, which is about to open soon. Those who are just planning their trip to the pink lake will have the opportunity to eat and drink in the new cafe as well. So, after visiting the pink lake, you will be able to take another set of great pictures in front of a cafe resembling an observatory.

© Nazerke Makhanova
© Nazerke Makhanova

When to visit

In the summer, you can take with you things for sunbathing. You won’t be able to swim at Kobeituz Lake, as the water is not deep at all. But don't worry, there is still an opportunity to get mud and salt baths and enjoy their miraculous properties. You can swim in Teniz Lake, which is located near the newly discovered pink lake. If you get there in the cold season, then you won’t be able to swim, as the water is very cold and the weather is windy. In order to take beautiful pictures, your feet will have to get wet, so bring along another pair of shoes and additional socks.

© Nazerke Makhanova

Additional information

It's recommended to start the trip from Nur-Sultan in the morning, to catch the best natural light, as the trip and visit to the lake take about five hours. However, if you go there with a travel agency, it will take about seven to eight hours. I suggest refueling your car at the exit of the city because there will be only a couple of gas stations till the lake. You can get to Kobeituz Lake following a navigation system or Google Maps. It is very easy to find. If you wonder if you are on the right road, which becomes a dirt road at one point, just look for some locals around. As friendly as they are, even if you don't speak their language, they will point you in the right direction, used to curious travelers passing near. 

© Nazerke Makhanova

This is an easy trip from Nur Sultan, but definitely worth the effort. I mean, how often do you hear about newly discovered things in nature nowadays? So, don't miss the chance to admire the endless steppes and nature, while witnessing the newest discovery of Kazakhstan: Pink Lake Kobeituz.

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