The best place to watch a movie in Brussels

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

An experience you will not forget

If you ever met me, you would be familiar with the fact that I am a huge movie fan. OK, not huge, as there are people who are way more into the latest movie trends - blockbusters but also alternative film scene and festivals. But, one thing is for sure, going to the cinema for me is the ultimate experience. It is not just about the movie, but the overall adventure of going to the cinema with great company, enjoying the big screen, all the visual and audio-visual exaggerated moments and having the best time. 

Photo credit @Manuel S.

Maybe it's just me, but even the popcorn in the cinema tastes better. Now you may argue with me and say:”Why would I go to the pricey movies in the digital era of Netflix and easily downloaded movies?” Indeed, you might have a point. My answer will be - because of all the above and because going to the cinema with your loved one never dies. Convinced? Then take a look at the best place to watch movies in Brussels. But before that, in honor of the current movie trend, listen to the greatest song of Queen. Their movie might not be in the cinema for too much longer, but their song is forever.

UGC Toison D’Or Cinema

There are several locations of this prestigious cinema spot in Brussels. My favourite by far is the one located at the Avenue Louise. For all those shopaholics, it is a place you cannot miss, as it is situated in the city mall carrying the same name. 

Not far from the city center, reachable by metro and surrounded by all the cool spots to grab a bite, UGC Toison D’ Or cinema is really the place to be. Be it on a calm Friday evening or a chill Sunday night, especially reserved for movies, this place will not disappoint you. You can always buy tickets in advance and save time before the movie. In case you forget, have no worries, as there are several counters where you can buy your ticket right before the movie. However, make sure to be there in time, as you might get lost among more than 15 different cinema halls, but also because you might want to try out their delicious popcorn and inevitable M&Ms. Also, the choice is so big that, especially if you come along with your favourite friends, the pre-movie purchase can last longer than expected (totally speaking from my own experience).

Photo credit @Jana H.

Finally before you go, just a useful tip. In Belgium, there are no reserved spots in the movie hall, so you might want to be there at least 15 minute early in order to get the best place. Make sure to triple check the programme in advance and not end up in the dubbed movie, especially if you do not speak the language. Trailers are quite long and you might want to see them, even though some of them are plain ads for things you have never heard of. But most importantly, the crowd is usually not up for dancing in the movies halls, even if the movie is so great that you will get carried away by the music. Even so, I suggest you to relax and just be you. Even if there is no one who will appreciate it in the audience, you will still have the time of your life at Toison D’Or Cinema.

Cover photo credit @Steve Jenkins

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