The best focaccia in Genova

Eleonora Ruzzenenti | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The main characteristic of Italian cuisine is its simplicity, with many dishes composed of 4 to 8 basic ingredients, all linked to the territory from which they derive. Many dishes that were once known only in the regions of origin, have spread throughout the nation. They remain, however, inextricably linked to the territory that saw them born, to the local people who have handed down their secrets from generation to generation and are often considered much more than a simple dish, but a true symbol that characterizes people and their lifestyle. This happens for example for granita in Sicilia, for pizza in Napoli, for piadina in Emilia Romagna,for polenta in the northern italy, for pizzoccheri in Valtellina and certainly for focaccia in Genova.

At breakfast, as a snack or for a quick meal, in the evening combined with a typical italian aperitivo or a good glass of white wine, every occasion is perfect to taste the fragrance and the sense of belonging that only this simple food can transmit. But there are many variations: sometimes it is stuffed with local cheese, other times it is flavored with the pulp of olives just removed from the mill; other times it is still sprinkled with very thin slices of onion, or mixed with sage leaves.

The typical focaccia is usually found in bakeries “panificio”, so if you are planning a trip to Genova I suggest you to sign on a map the best places where to eat focaccia and i'm sure you are going to appreciate it. Let’s see which are:


Mario is a very famous bakery, probably the most popular bakery in the city. It is located in a strategic position in the central via San Vincenzo, close to the station, where tourists and locals have to pass by. Before having your focaccia you have to wait patiently in line, because it is impossible to go to Mario and not to find people waiting. Mario’s focaccia is just perfect..rather thin and of crumbly crust, a great classic but you will also find the one with onions, sage, zucchini, cheese, potatoes and the sweet one.


This focaccia is to be tasted because it is completely different from the others, has a lighter color and the contrast between the softness of the dough and the crunchiness of the surface is extraordinary. The turnover is very quick so it's not difficult to find a warm slice. Vegetable pies are also very good here. The store has two locations: the historic one in vico Casana and a branch in the nearby via Luccoli, both located in the center of Genoa. In Vico Casana there are a few stools to stop and eat the focaccia on site.


It is small bakery nestled in the maze of alleys in the historical center, the focaccia you will find here is very particular, clear, crumbly crust and with the characteristic coarse salt on the surface.


In a very very narrow alley of the city center not far from the Cathedral there is this microscopic bakery that produces a thin focaccia, very soft and without lard. You have a big choice among all the Genovese specialties: of course don’t miss the traditional focaccia but also with olives, with cheese, farinata, pasqualina cake and castagnaccio.


This bakery is a piece of history of Genova, since 1920 and still today it satisfies the stomachs producing a noteworthy focaccia. Inside the store there is a small room with some stools and tables where you can stop to eat with free wifi. The focaccia di patrone reaches high levels of quality and goodness. Greasy and crispy crust, soft under and well resistant to the test of the day after.


Located in narrow street not far from the Acquarium there is this small bakery which leads to a small supermarket. There are a few tables, but the space is limited and the stools too attached. The focaccia they make is soft, very thin, light in color and perfectly greasy.


During our trip in Genova we hadn’t the opportunity to try this focaccia because it was too far for us (the bakery is not located in the city center but 15 minutes away in Voltri) but I know that is an historic bakery and very popular in Genova. Here focaccia is a little bit different from the classic ones. In fact, it is thinner and crispier and the surface of focaccia is sprinkled with maize flour which gives a particular and great taste not to be missed.

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