The Barcelona skate scene overview

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I want to help you know where the different places that you see in the videos are, and how the Barcelona skate scene looks today. Here you have it, the official overview of the skate-scene in Barcelona. I want to wash away any confusion about what is where. Because what happens to me is that I see clips of different places after each other in skate movies and I assume they are very close. The reality I am discovering now is that there is so much work in finding places before arriving at them. Here I will show pictures of places and tell which is close to one another.

The center

MACBA, Auditori, Universitat

This area is called Eixample. These three spots are very close to each other.

The tall black marble ledges at the Universitat plaza. There are always people who sit down on the ledges during the daytime. This is very frustrating when you're filming your line. The solution is to come early before 09:00 or after 23:00.

The long Macba ledge and the Macba big three stairs. The ledge has a lot of random people and people who sell beer. If you have a specific place that you want to skate at Macba, come in the day. At night it's possible to skate the end of the ledge, the flat ground, and the 5 stairs. What you can't skate at night is the outer ledge, unless you ask every person there to move (that would be around 50 people). The big three stair is skateable until the night when the port closes. It was a 4 stair before. Now it's a big 3 block with a slope in the landing. There are some more small things around. Right next to a tree there is a flat surface to grind. You have a big c-shaped ledge next to the big 3 block.

The Auditori bank and ledge that has skate stoppers on it now. You will have a hard time skating the ledge unless you are creative. Ironically the skate stoppers also function as rails that you can grind on.

Almost the center

Sant station

This area is called Sants-Montjuic. Here's the new Sants spot. The benches that you see in old videos are gone. Now there are marble ledges instead.

Right next to this is the very slippery out-ledge. On the other side of the road is the big dragon sculpture which is made to be a slide for kids and art at the same time. It's grey, made of metal, and shaped like a dragon.

There's also a water gap here and some white ledges. If you go downwards to the city and Plaza Espana, you will find some small things that you probably have seen in some skate movies before.

Next to the beach

Paral-lel, beach ledges, the black granite ledge with two sculptures next to it, the big red brick banks, and the tile wallrides.

This area is called Ciutat Vella.

Paral-lel is now a skate park instead of a spot. it is close to the harbor and still very popular to skate.

The black granite ledges are next to the water and there's nothing to keep the board from falling into the water. This spot repeats itself. They made multiple entities of this place after each other.

The big red brick banks take you into a drop that leads you straight into the road. There is a better and safer place for brick banks than this. Those other brick banks are north-east of the city. We'll talk about it later.

Out of the center

This area is called Horta. It's far out of the center.

Guineueta skatepark

If you don't know what street boarding is, this is the place to find out. It's a board attached to your feet like a snowboard, and it has wheels and the length of a skateboard. This is a very simple explanation. Check out the article about street boarding in Barcelona.

Yellow brick bank

The yellow brick banks and red brick banks with hips and gaps are here. There's a lot of variations of this spot.

When you ride downwards toward the sea you will find some hidden spots that are not mapped anywhere but you have seen them in the videos.

Out of the center, next to the beach

Forum plaza

You have the Forum plaza with the white ledges and a stair, and a ledge to a wallride.

The red place with metal ledges

You need a lot of pop to skate this place. This is right next to the white Forum plaza.

Forum skatepark

A new smooth skatepark at Forum.

Brick waves

This is a very special place where all kinds of vehicles tries to ride. Even cars!

Besos bumps

Go upwards a bit and you will find the first skatepark of Barcelona. That's the grey bumps with a fence in the end that you see in so many skate videos. To jump over that fence is way harder than it looks. Around here is also the fence into a brick bank and those metal bumps in the middle of the pedestrian road.

I hope that washed away some of your confusion.

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