Teryan Cultural Center

Lusine Vardanyan | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Teryan Cultural Center is a non-governmental organization that aims at disseminating spiritual values by presenting diverse and rich Armenian culture, literature, national preservation. In order to reach their main goal and to represent Armenian cultural heritage to locals and internationals, the center, hosts various events. The entrance is usually free (sometimes the only thing you need to do is registering).


Events hosted by the Teryan cultural center are very diverse. For example “Music, Wine, Photo" evenings bring together people who like good music and wine. In the meantime, you can take your chance to get a couple of good quality photos from the professional photographer of the evening.

During Carpet and rug workshops, master classes in carpet and rug making are organized. Embroidery workshops are another opportunity to learn something new. The Teryan center also hosts photographic exhibitions, movie screenings, seminars, discussions on various topics and much more.


Besides the above mentioned, the** center **also organizes sale & exhibitions where you can not only have a look at the handmade artworks prepared by professionals, but you can also buy traditional souvenirs and presents that will always remind you about your trip in Armenia.

However, what Teryan cultural center is well known for (among Armenians) is something else. Thanks to designers and talented folk professionals of the center, Armenian traditional dress (taraz) & clothing are presented to wide circles of the public. They make it exactly the way it used to be centuries ago. On the other hand, Teryan center also represents the modernized versions of traditional clothing, in the way people wear them today in multiple circumstances and social events. The exhibition of their collection takes place in different countries.


Another line of their production is silk scarfs with traditional ornaments. Those are very nice and very popular among locals. Almost everything presented by the center is handmade. Their products are also available at Tashir trade center, Art Studio.


While in Armenia do not forget to check Teryan Cultural center’s FB page to know if they have any upcoming event. By attending this kind of events, you will not only learn more about the country you are in, but you will also have a chance to meet local people and to make new friends. If you are interested in a cultural life of Armenia I would recommend you to check the events hosted by Narekatsi Art Institute as well.

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