Tapas restaurants in Namur for your small (or big) cravings

Charlotte Fivet | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Going to a restaurant and having to choose between loads of delicious foods when you want to eat them all : the eternal dilemma. That is why I love tapas and why I am going to share with you my list of the best places you can go to in Namur and have a delicious tapas assortment, whatever your budget, your place preferences and your food style are. Enjoy!

The original one : La Cantina

Picture©Credits to Louisa-May Seutin

La Cantina is a colourful tapas restaurant with a large choice of grilled meats, planchas and tapas, classic or creative, hot or cold. Whether you are a Spanish food lover, a cheese person, a meat eater, or simply an epicurist with a taste for good food, La Cantina is the perfect place to meet with your friends and enjoy a nice meal outside on the terrace in the summer or in the cozy interior. My personal favourite : the black truffle croquettes !

The Greek one : Tapasoif

Picture©Credits to myasinirik

This wi[ne and tapas bar in Namur](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/) mixes the pleasure of tasting good wines from exceptional vineyards with the joy of nibbling delicious gastronomic tapas from the imagination of female chef Valérie-Anne Dupont. The wine is from Greece as well as the tapas, with some exceptions from other geographical origins.

The spanish/italian one: Emoción (&moción)

Picture©Credits to GCapture

« All the emotion of the mix of Spanish and Italian flavors »: that is what you will find at this original tapas restaurant. Those flavors are combined in a selection of tapas prepared by the wife and served by the husband in this team : Emoción is a family story that will make you travel to those wonderful Mediterranean countries.

The « concept » one : Manolo Madrid

Picture©Credits to Manolo Madrid Bar Tapas y Paelleria Española

Manolo Madrid played its cards right to stand out: the owner who cooks in front of you, the high chairs along the counter, the menu written on the stone walls, and tapas way bigger than the usual (2 or 3 are enough). Don’t forget to make a reservation!

The « wine » one : Vino vino

Picture©Credits to Foxys_forest_manufacture

Marc Detraux, the owner, opened this wi[ne bar](https://www.livetheworld.com/post/) a few years ago after managing the cellar of big wine houses. This one is the expert to pair your glass of wine with the perfect tapas ! Good to know: you can visit the wine cave and taste a selection of French and Belgian wines.

The gastronomic one - Le bouchon

Picture©Credits to DDurrich

The concept? An original approach to make you savor a creative and gastronomic cuisine, while remaining reasonable. They say «Vegetables from the kitchen garden, the fresh eggs from our hens» : Quality products prepared live, in front of you, to become a delicious tapas assortment of which you can discover the variety, if you want, in their 8-course menu.

The unforgettable one : La cuisine du Belrive

Picture©Credits to anibaltrejo

Nested along the Meuse, under the Citadel and on a beautiful houseboat, La cuisine du Belrive will for sure please every foodista among you. On the menu, local products and small producers are the priority, whether they are from Belgium or away (Spain, Italy, China, Thailand, France). Isn’t it the perfect recipe for an unforgettable moment?

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