Street art at its finest in Bucharest

Iulia Condrea | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Art has the power to bring us together by making us unite for important causes. Awareness days often are accompanied by art, putting an image to people’s actions. At the same time, works of art show our creativity and desire to make the world a more colorful and beautiful place. You don’t need to necessarily go to art exhibitions in the galleries to see paintings that speak to you. There are large numbers of thought-provoking art pieces right on the streets. In Bucharest, Romania’s capital, visitors can see street art at its finest

Arthur Verona Street

The search for street art should definitely start with Arthur Verona Street. Each year, there is an event held here when street art creators transform a chunk of the street into a corridor of their imagination. The event is called Street Delivery, organized by the owners of Cărtureşti Carousel Bookstore Bucharest. The works of art remain on the walls of the houses and fences for an entire year until the next artists come together at the event in the future and put their own spin on how they think the street should look like. 

Picture © Credit to: Delia Dospinescu

The Street Delivery event takes place yearly in June and gathers not only art enthusiasts but also people who wish to enjoy movies, photo and video installations or theatre in the street. People of all ages gathered this year in the Arthur Verona Street, exploring and taking pictures with the majestic bull, the unicorn, and the reading lady. One can enjoy this street art until May next year. 

Picture © Credit to: Ale Mocanu
Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

General Eremia Grigorescu Street

Intersecting with the above-mentioned place is General Eremia Grigorescu Street. It is known for the small tea and coffee shops, as well as for a big mural on the back of a building. The art here turned into an artist itself, the mural representing a woman who is drawing paper planes with a pencil. The creators are the Sweet Damage Crew, which have plenty more street artworks throughout the city. For more of their creations or to see how they made this artsy woman in 2015, check out their Youtube channel. 

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

Dimitrie Cantemir Street

If your journey takes you to Unirii Square and you wish to go street art hunting, then stop by Dimitrie Cantemir Street. Here, you can find one of the highest murals in Bucharest, made by the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel (Okudart) in only three days. This colorful mural is almost 30 m high, and the artist needed around 150 spray cans to finish his masterpiece. Okuda has murals all over the world, like in Japan, Chile, South Afrika, America or Mexico. His unique style has caught the attention of many, due to using geometrical figures combined with piercing colors that make his murals pop. This extraordinary mural should be on the bucket list of all street art lovers

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

Intrarea Ovidiu Street

Located in an area which belongs to old Bucharest, with small houses and a big park, this next mural is a more delicate one. Located at the start of Intrarea Ovidiu Street, this artwork features majestic birds in shades of blue. Since it appeared in 2017, the birds have gone viral in Bucharest. The artists that made this are called Fauna Graphic, and the mural is more than 4 m high. Make sure to check out the local pubs and restaurants specialized in traditional Romanian food in the area, after appreciating this unique creation.

Picture © Credit to: Iulia Condrea

Even though not that long ago street art was something frowned upon, today it is something entirely different. It is encouraged and admired. Artists are hired to spruce buildings up, making them pretty to look at. There is a vast number of street art in Bucharest. It seems as though every time one turns a corner, there is something to marvel at. Bucharest is indeed a capital filled with color and talented artists. It is here that street art is at its finest. Next time you are in Romania’s capital, be sure to visit its landmarks, museums, and busy streets, keeping in mind that if you really open your eyes, art can be found at every step.

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