Spirits Valley- a surreal and peaceful landscape

Vanesa Zegada | Live the World

November 23, 2022

La Paz **is not only a very unusual city, but it is also surrounded by magical landscapes. That is the case of Valle de las Ánimas or Spirits Valley**, a surreal place, located only 15 minutes away from the urban area of the city!

The denomination of Spirits Valley is said to come from the shape of its formations, resembling the image we associate with phantoms or spirits, added to the sound generated when the wind goes through them.

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It is hard to imagine how these enormous natural pillars, pointing to the sky, have been formed one next to the other. From what is known, they are the result of the melting of a glacier millions of years ago, which was helped by strong winds, storms, and other natural phenomena. All those together finally created the unbelievable landscape that nowadays enchants our eyes.

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The Spirits Valley covers an area of more than 2500 hectares; therefore, what you will visit is going to be only a part of it. There are several trails you can follow in the Valley. The most popular of them has a very wide walking area, where you will find yourself right next to the enormous formations that gave the name to the Valley.

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In another popular path - a bit further away from the city - you will find yourself walking next to a small creek for a while. Over there, you will not see the formations from their best angle yet, but soon you will find a path to follow. The walk up can be a bit tough, with the altitude leaving you breathless - at almost 4000 meters above the sea level - but after going up a few minutes, you will start getting marveled by the surroundings, finishing with a fantastic view from the top!

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Additionally, at some point in the way up, you will start to see the beauty of this place increased by the imponent Illimani Mountain, the second-highest peak of Bolivia, at 6438 meters (21,122 ft), which is covered by snow all year round.

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The concurrence in this spot is not high at the moment. So, when you go, you will probably feel like you have the whole place for yourself - unless an organized group is exceptionally visiting it.

Some people describe the Spirits Valley as a peaceful place that transmits a good vibe. That is why some visits are mainly organized to practice yoga or to meditate.

© Zoomalmapa/VanesaZegada

It is incredible to find such a surreal place, as the Spirits Valley, just a few minutes away from the urban area of a big city, as La Paz. Over there, you will escape the crowds of a city in constant movement, to feel the peacefulness that this spot transmits.

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