Spazio Fase - from the past to the future

Eleonora Ruzzenenti | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Just yesterday I was in my hometown visiting family and friends and I took the opportunity to have a look to the Factory Christmas market in one of my favorite location: SPAZIO FASE, recovered from the splendid abandoned Pigna Historical Factory.

Alzano Lombardo, in the province of Bergamo in northern Italy has a long tradition in the manufacture of paper. In 1745, indeed, from documents of the time, in all the Bergamo area there are 14 paper mills. A few years later, more precisely in 1766, 10 will be counted, up to 8 at the beginning of the nineteenth century, of which 4 were those present at Alzano Lombardo. In 1839, more precisely on 30 April, a paper-making company is set up with private writing between Tomaso Pastori and the engineer Paolo Pigna, the “Cartiere Paolo Pigna Spa” (first named "Maglia Pigna & Compagni") is formed, giving life to the new great and important industrial reality that from there to little would have become famous throughout Italy. "Cartiera Paolo Pigna is the leader in the Italian paper converting industry for decades, and is amongst the most flexible companies in high quality paper and envelope production". On the Pigna paper mills entire generations have written down their school and work lives.

In 2012 inaugurates the new headquarters of the Cartiere Paolo Pigna SpA in Alzano Lombardo and in the old complex of industrial buildings, thanks to the work of the Spazio Phase team, the story of many people has begun to be written again, and that of the territory in which the structure has been incardinated for more than a century. It is done with different tools: under the imposing arches of the disused paper mill are held international events of art, traditions and culture that create a new business model in which creativity, sustainability and community coexist to become a single reality . It arises not only as a strategic and unique point to host different experiences, but also as a container for ideas, a promoter of culture and environmental awareness, with an attentive and receptive eye on the territory. A bridge between those who in the culture of the Fase find their identity and those who seek new places to make and give life to new experiences . Its history linked to the past and its strong inclination towards the future make Spazio Fase a unique and lively location; from the imposing arches, to the fascinating underground, from the large windows to the internal squares, each corner tells a story and writes about new ones. Spazio Fase is the spokesperson of a new business model in which creativity, sustainability and community coexist to become a single reality.

A young place that buzzes with enthusiasm. A meeting point for international experiences. An idea of sustainable, creative and dynamic activity. Among the various events that are organised is the unmissable Factory Market. An exhibition of over 100 stands dedicated to hand-made objects and young and original design: clothing, bijoux, furniture, illustrations and more. Also set up with a refreshment area and children's space.

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