Soča River - the beauty in blue

Darja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

These warm days are perfect to get to the seaside, make some vacations at a lake, or even better, visit the valley where the most beautiful Slovenian river is located. If you haven’t visited the Soča River yet, now is the time. Many poems have been written and many movies have been made about this amazing beauty in blue.

With its emerald color, that might really enchant you, the Soča is considered to be one of the most beautiful rivers in Europe. The cool stream, flowing over the stones and sand, keeps the low temperature even in summer, so swimming is usually not one of the activities you would do here.

The river is a home to a famous Soča Trout, a fish that attracts fishermen from all over the world. Fly fishing is the only form of fishing that is allowed in the Soča, and there are many local guides that can take you to this wonderful experience here.

The magnificent mountains in the Soča Valley offer great hiking tours, while they were also the scene for the largest mountain battle in the World War I. You can still find many reminders of that sad times in history in the Soča Valley. One of the great monuments to this time are carefully collected items in the Museum Kobarid, where you can learn more about the World War I in Slovenia and the battlefield into which the Soča Valley was transformed.

Another piece of heritage is Napoleon Bridge, which has been built in ancient times already, but demolished and rebuilt many times in the history. It was named after Napoleon as a result of his troops marching against the upper Soča Valley.

Another battle that took place at the banks of the Soča River was a fictional one. Prince Caspian, the famous Disney production of "The Chronicles of Narnia" was shot here. And when you visit the location, you can understand why Disney wanted this emerald scenery of the Soča in its movies.

There are many possibilities for adventurous activities in the Soča Valley, but this Slovenian pearl offers much more. The breathtaking views and enjoyable walks, whereas you might take a tour to see many waterfalls of the Soča river, the beauty in blue, or even visit its source in the Trenta Valley.

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