Shopping in Chisinau: Central District

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

In Chisinau, you can spend a lot of time sightseeing and going on different excursions. However, sometimes there is an urge to go shopping, to have a real city-break, without much history, or nature. Shopping centers are placed almost in every district of Chisinau, for example in Botanica. Today, I will tell you about the Central District shopping centers, that are quite close to the main street and could be a good stop on your trip to Moldova. So, let's see which shopping centers are best to visit in the heart of our capital. 

Sun City - exclusive brands and comfortable cafes

As I mentioned before, in every district of Chisinau you can find excellent shopping opportunities, but, expectedly, the most of the branded stores are situated in the center of the city and on the nearby streets. Here, you can walk inside and around the large Sun City Shopping Center. Guests of the capital love this shopping complex because, here, they can buy things, cosmetics, shoes of exclusive brands, and souvenirs but also spend leisure time in one of the many establishments and cafes with the huge comfort. It is situated one street lower than the main Stefan cel Mare Street. 

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia/Alexander Murvanidze

Gemeni Shopping Center in the former historic building

Not far from the Sun City, on your way to the Stefan cel Mare Street, Gemeni Shopping Center is opened for your necessities. This shopping center is considered to be a less expensive place for shopping. Here you will find many boutiques with very affordable prices and high-quality goods. It is quite small if compared with others, but it is very atmospheric, being located in a beautiful historic building. On the ground floor, there is a rather large store with decorative and caring cosmetics for ladies. On other levels, you can find a lot of fabrics, threads, accessories, clothes, and there are also many shops of men's and women's shoes. You can get here without any problem with public transport and by car or taxi. 

Picture © Credits to Wikimedia/Adina Aruştei

Moldavian "Eye of Sauron"

Atrium Shopping Center is one of the most modern and visited shopping centers, located in the center of Chisinau. People come here from all over the city to get the necessary things - from office supplies to clothes and accessories and relax on one of the terraces of the Atrium. The unique interior makes this shopping center worthy of its nickname, Moldavian "Eye of Sauron". This building** has an original architectural solution and creates a pleasant atmosphere for quality shopping, recreation, and hanging out. The upper floors of the building are reserved for office spaces, where people can successfully conduct their business in a modern setting. The terrace is great for having lunch or dinner with the city sight. You can get to the Atrium Shopping Center by public transport and by car or taxi. It is situated not far from the Stefan cel Mare Street, making a great ending for the most comfortable and fashionable shopping centers in the Central District of Chisinau. **

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Борис Мавлютов

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