Shopping in Chisinau: Botanica District

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

You can spend a lot of time looking for the clothes, shoes or other things you need in the Moldavian capital, so today, I will tell you about the most popular shopping centers in Chisinau, where you can find everything you need. They are comfortable and convenient for any activity starting from the shopping itself and ending with the entertainments and food. Shopping centers are placed almost in every district of Chisinau, but the most built up one is Botanica. There, you can find three shopping centers, that our residents find the most useful. 

Shopping MallDova - between two districts 

"Shopping MallDova" makes it possible to choose the wardrobe with style and spend your free time between the purchases by getting a lot of pleasure. On the first three floors of the center, you can find any type of clothes or accessories you need, and, at the end of your shopping, you may watch a movie or play bowling and diverse slot machines on its fourth floor. In addition, you can find there many restaurants and cafes that will surely satisfy your hunger. For example, in "Andy’s Pizza", you will have a possibility to try not only pizza or burgers but also the national cuisine. Of course, there are KFC and McDonald’s on the fourth floor, the food court to please children and fast-food lovers. Being a unique four-storey building, "MallDova" provides its customers with a wide range of goods and services, for example, a tailor shop, a pharmacy and a currency exchange. The shopping center is situated between the two districts, mostly standing in Botanica. 

Picture © Credits to Alexander Murvanidze

Original interior in Jumbo shopping center 

Another large and widely known shopping center in Chisinau is "Jumbo". This shopping and entertainment complex is original because of its inside interior. The stairs are put across each other giving customers the possibility to find easily all the necessary things in over than 60 boutiques with clothes and accessories. There, you can buy everything you need for wardrobe, interior and, as well, gifts for any occasion. The first floor is built up with flowers, decorations boutiques and supermarket. The second floor will offer you toys, gifts, souvenirs that you can purchase both for you and your close friends. The third floor is a real shopaholic paradise! There, you will find many brands of good-quality clothes and shoes. The last floor is for entertainment and eating, as in any other modern shopping center. 

Picture © Credits to Wikimapia

A pleasant shopping in Elat

In "Elat", you can find boutiques with clothes, underwear and shoes for women, men and children. It is a very large shopping center that includes even a whole floor with the goods for children! The ground floor offers the departments with cosmetics, gifts and canteen, just like at school - homemade and tasty. The other four floors are for clothes, underwear, shoes, accessories, bags, toys, sportswear. In the last floor, as I mentioned, you can find a lot of interesting goods for your children. Actually, if you, for example, need something to educate your child, there you will find everything you need! A lot of interesting logical and educational games are waiting for you on that floor. In addition, in summer, you can sit and have a snack on one of the spacious terraces that are situated just near the entrances, Oh, I almost forgot to mention that there are more than three entrances in the "Elat" shopping center - each of them will lead you to a pleasant shopping!

Picture © Credits to "Elat" shopping center official website

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