Serbian superheroes from shadow

Milena Mihajlovic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The modern superheroes are those who find the time to be human. The horse sanctuary Old Hill is not famous, nor recognized for what they do. They rely completely on the donations of other people. Regardless, they find the time, the motivation, and the energy to fight for their cause and help the horses whose lifetime was wasting away in inhuman conditions.

The team’s main goals are a rescue, rehabilitation, and finding a permanent home for unfortunate horses. With their motivation, a nice place in nature, and a priceless support from the community, Old Hill horse sanctuary created a unique place of warmth, positivity, and synthesis with nature.

The horses in “Old Hill” sanctuary

If you happen to visit the equine sanctuary, you will see a very pleasant environment. It’s hard to imagine how bad was the situation before the horses came here. In the present, they look happy. You can meet them, and watch them run free. Or roll on the ground, without a worry in this world. Currently, there are 11 horses and 2 donkeys in the sanctuary. From the start, two years ago, more than 30 horses passed through this safe-house.

The sanctuary started as a sort of a shout out to people, to raise awareness and bring to light that horses should not be treated like the big toys. Some of them were racehorses, either too old or too weak to bring more profit. Some lived in the repulsive conditions. Some got regularly beaten. Some served as tools for carrying and pulling heavy things, either for help or just for fun.

The sad thing is that most of the horses that pass through the sanctuary need attentive care, both physical and psychological. If it wasn’t for the Old Hill sanctuary, their next step would be a slaughterhouse. Unfortunately, some horses are old, require special care and couldn’t be adopted. Instead, they became the permanent members of the Old Hill equine family.

Where to find them

The sanctuary is located near the town of Lapovo in Central Serbia, the natural area of 15,000 sqm with woods, pastures and lots of sunshine. There is also a ranch for the horses with special needs. While you can stay in the nearby city of Kragujevac, the historic capital of Serbia and important cultural monument, you can also find accommodation right in the sanctuary.

What to do in the area

You are always welcome to visit, meet the equine family and feel their healing energy of freedom. You can enjoy the sound of gallop and the view of horses running free below you.

While you are in the area, you can experience a new kind of tourism, something wild and different. The ecotourism is widely spread; there are numerous organized adventure activities and tours. The adventure seekers will find a little piece of adrenaline heaven: zip-lines, rock climbing, canoeing, etc.

How to help

If you’d also like to be a modern hero, you could contribute to the cause by simply donating by the below-listed means. It would help a lot to spread the word about the Old Hill horse sanctuary in the relevant groups, organizations and communities. Remember, they operate entirely from the individual donations, and do not have the support or recognition of any local or international institution or foundation.

You can get in touch directly with the sanctuary on their website or Facebook page.

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