Serbia is the land of raspberries

Milena Mihajlovic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

We could say that, traditionally, Serbia is a land of farmers and agriculture. Even though this may sound boring to many, it has its up sides. Think fresh. Think tasty. Think food. Amazing good quality foods that come straight from the production to Serbian plates. Now, that sounds more attractive to a visitor's ear. Serbia has fertile soil, good for many cultures and fruits, but one became dominant among all the others. With a quick look back, and some tasty suggestions, we uncover how Serbia became the land of the raspberries.

It started some thirty years ago, when local families decided to try farming this delicious red fruit. The climate conditions were ideal for growing raspberries, and the market was wide open. Slowly more and more people started investing in raspberries and exporting to other European and Asian countries and even the US. In 2015, Serbia became the 1st in the world production of raspberries by country. The chances are, whether you are in Europe, or USA, you are probably eating Serbian raspberries. Only in 2017. Serbia exported more than 80.000 tons of this fruit.

Where to find raspberries

The biggest “Serbian raspberry center” is in Arilje, a small town in the west. Raspberry production in this town and surrounding are is growing so strong that it becomes a sort of a trademark - everything is adapted from the production and sales of the most delicious and tasty raspberries in the world. Following Arilje’s example, people across the country start growing raspberries and slowly the whole country is turning into the land of raspberries.

Local delicacies

Even though you can find them across the planet, it’s definitely the best to try Serbian raspberries while in Serbia. They are enough tasty on their own, but don’t miss to try these specific local delicacies, that locals use to enhance the taste and preserve raspberries.

Slatko is a thin fruit preserve made of raspberries and is very traditional in Serbian cuisine. It can be used on its own with a glass of water, to ease the rush of sweetness and taste, or could be used as a topping for cakes, ice cream etc. The best part is that you can find whole fruits inside, giving very nice structure. Yummy! The raspberry cakes you will find in every cake and candy shop in the country. Local chefs never fail to be creative, and we don’t blame them, they have the best quality products to work with.

The other local favorite raspberry product is raspberry jam - a perfect addition to any breakfast and every dessert. It’s more of a thick consistency, rich deep red color and tastes like heaven. And don’t get me started on how well it goes with chocolate cream and crepes.

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