Secret beaches in the north of Ibiza

Paulina Kulczycki | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I have to admit, I always thought Ibiza was a very commercialized island for party tourism. But after meeting more and more people telling me that this was just the minor part in the south of Ibiza, while the north of the island is characterized by mountains, tropical greens, hidden beaches and a highly spiritual vibration, I got intrigued by travelling to Ibiza myself. I decided to go there in the low season in the end of march, where it’s already warm and springlike, but still authentic and not overrun by tourists. I stayed close to Cala San Vicente in the north-east of the so-called "white island" and it was truly marvellous! I’d definitely recommend renting a car (check out the website for the cheapest options) and drive around the twisting roads through nature with the stunning views on the deep blue Balearic Sea. And after getting lost while discovering the hidden gems of the white island during my stay, I want to share my favourite secret beaches in the north of Ibiza!

Cala Xarraca

Cala Xarraca is located in the north-west of Ibiza and is a little lagoon between reddish cliffs and a pine forest, known for the beautiful green colour of its crystal clear water. Because of its small size – only 90 meters long and 15 meters wide – it belongs to the remote beaches of Ibiza. It’s not only the perfect place to do some snorkelling, but also to rent a kayak and paddle around the calm water, enjoying the beautiful views on the typical white houses at the coast. Furthermore, the beach is separated in three parts: the main part in the middle with a little restaurant and always a bit more people, and two smaller nudist parts on both ends of the beach. Make sure to check out the mud-bath on the left side of Cala Xarraca, that’s supposed to have healing forces and calming effects for the skin!

Punta Galera

Punta Galera was the first destination I explored after arriving in Ibiza. And I was instantly enchanted by this picturesque spot. The rough rocks and golden cliffs in contrast with the deep sea and the warm light of the evening sun were simply magical. Punta Galera is one of the northernmost places in Ibiza and had such a mesmerizing energy, so peaceful and meditative, that I took the chance to do some yoga there, just for myself. It was probably the most scenic private yoga session I’ve ever done – completely alone, only with the soft feeling of the sun in my face and the sweet sound of the clashing waves against the rocks. It’s definitely not the right beach for those who are searching white soft sand and a cocktail bar close by. It’s rather the place to go for those, who search for a spiritual vibe, fun cliff jumping and probably one of the most dreamlike sunsets. Remember not tot stop at the first little lagoon you find, but venture on the rocks to find more secret spots and beautiful views. Depending on the season, there’s also a hippie market close by, on Fridays from 5 PM.

©️ Paulina Kulczycki
©️ Paulina Kulczycki
©️ Paulina Kulczycki
©️ Paulina Kulczycki
©️ Paulina Kulczycki

Cala Benirrás

Cala Benirrás is another beach in the north known for its spiritual energies (and yes, I am definitely attracted to those places). Zen-seekers come here to enjoy a peaceful sunbath and spectacular sunsets with the view on a dazzling tor sticking out of the water a few up teen meters away, known as Cap Bernat (referred to locals as "the finger of God"). The main attraction at Cala Benirrás though are the iconic hippie gatherings for tribal drumming session. I had the chance to witness one of those sessions and it surely made my mind escape for a while into a meditative state. On Sundays starting around sunset time, there are ritualized events with free spirited souls, drumming, singing and dancing around bonfires – proving that the spiritual hippie vibe of the white island is still alive!

Platja de S’Aigua Blanca

Platja de S’Aigua Blanca (Ibicenco for "white water") is supposedly one of the favourite beaches among the island residents, located in the north-east of Ibiza. Because of the quite difficult access, Platja de S’Aigua Blanca remains to be a remote getaway for insiders, even during high season. Hearing this, I had to take the chance to see, if the promising name and reputation were legitimate or not. When I reached the steep rocky mountain with stairs leading down and a revealing view on the beach, I was not disappointed! Platja de S’Aigua Blanca is a gorgeous long beach with golden sand, separated in several parts and backed with high cliffs, protecting from the winds and providing some shade. And indeed, there were only a few locals on this officially nudist beach, enjoying the shafts of sunlight on their bare bodies. I found a little segment of the beach that I was able to enjoy for only myself with the view on two beautiful rocks only a few meters away from the shore. Don’t miss out on the little cove on the right end of the beach and covering yourself in the reddish mud to benefit your skin. My tip is to go earlier during the day, because of the disappearing the sun in the afternoon behind the high cliffs  – the early birds among us could even come for the most epic sunrise.

©️ Paulina Kulczycki
©️ Paulina Kulczycki

Having discovered those beautiful secret beaches in the north of Ibiza, made me not only realize why they call it the "white island", but also feel the spiritual vibe of this Balearic Island and understand its hippie reputation. Enjoy the authenticity of Ibiza during off-season and enjoy the spring on hidden beaches!

Header: ©️ Paulina Kulczycki

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