Savamala nightlife in Belgrade

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

The spots for the wild ones

This place where you will fall in love with at the first sight, the bohemian, charming, wild and soothing area of the Serbian capital - Savamala, offers so much to people who find themselves there. This hip and artsy spot is also one of the most popular areas to go out to in Belgrade. Therefore, if you find yourself in Belgrade, hungry for some adventure, good fun, cheerful, positive people and incredible music, then you are in luck. Allow me to present you the Savamala nightlife of Belgrade.

In case you did not know, Savamala was one of the first Belgrade neighborhoods, established way back in the 18th century. You would definitely notice the rustic vibe when visiting this glorious area, close to the river Sava, from where it got its name. Today, it is impossible to explain Savamala in just one word. It is a collision of urban and cultural, casual and fun, all that with a wonderful human touch that will not leave you indifferent. Moreover, people say that Savamala is the queen of Belgrade’s nightlife, as over the past decades it became one of the Belgrade’s most popular nightspots, especially during the winter when splavs (clubs on the river) are not working. Here are the top picks and the must see places:

Mikser House

If you would really like to feel the true spirit of Savamala, it is said that Mikser House screams it. With amazing and unique interior, it offers a collage of art, culture, charity, fun. I bet you have never heard of a place that is at the same time a market, café, club, restaurant, but also a place for lectures, workshops, competitions, art shows, entertainment. In the past, it used to be an old warehouse, while today, Mikser House is truly a mix of everything inspiring for a bustling city that never sleeps. Wear whatever you want and enjoy the extreme variety of great music (from jazz to electronic).

Mladost / Ludost / Radost / Gadost

If you come to Savamala, you definitely cannot miss this one! Trust me, you will be amazed and it will definitely spice up your visit. This place, or better said, these places are all separate pieces of a puzzle that paint the big picture – as in Serbia it is believed that there is more than one way to party. The names translate to Youth, Folly, Joy and Nastiness. However you will notice that concrete, steel, and wood dominate in all four of the spots. Youth is a place for lovers of deep house and electro beats, Folly is intended for hedonists who love mainstream, the Nastiness is the newest addition to the party-hard scene, while Joy is described as a “Pizza cabaret and disco grill” with a rich menu and great wine selection perfect for foodies. During the summer, make sure to take advantage of the lovely garden while sipping your drink and enjoying the wonderful atmosphere. The best part is that all four parts of this club are interconnected, so you do not need to make up your mind right away but feel free to change as you please

These have been the top picks for the wild ones, the party people who love to stay up until the morning. Fortunately, Savamala offers everything for every taste, so stay tuned.

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