Sahastradhara, healing sulphur springs near Dehradun

Kirti Arora | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Living in Delhi, the capital city of India has several advantages if you are bitten by the travel bug. This is due to the fact that in just a few hours, you can reach different places and enjoy a refreshing break from the overloaded Delhi life. You do not need to spend a lot to enjoy revitalizing short breaks from your busy** schedule. Within one hour, you can reach Dehradun, Uttarakhand's capital, by taking a flight from New Delhi. Similarly, you can also reach Dehradun via train or bus. I usually prefer driving to Dehradun as it allows me the mobility to explore the surrounded areas easily. Travel by car usually takes up to six hours. Near** Dehradun, do not forget to explore Sahastradhara (the thousandfold spring) to experience the health-enhancing and healing nature of its sulphur-rich water springs.

Therapeutic water of Sahastradhara 

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The Sahastradhara water springs are 18 km away from Dehradun and include several small waterfalls and caves. The water flows between limestone stalactites and is converted into small springs, where people cool their bodies and minds. The water from these springs is known for its medicinal properties, which can get rid of several ailments such as body aches, poor blood circulation, acne, and arthritis. You can find people of all age groups enjoying themselves here with their family and friends. Even youngsters love chilling here, floating their way, and clicking selfies. While enjoying a refreshing bath, you can also revel in the surrounding beauty of green hills and little farms, which locals have cultivated around.     

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A combo of relaxation and excitement

Visitors can buy swimming costumes and rent lockers here to easily enjoy a cooling bath without stress. Around the waterfalls, one can find several photographers who are ready to come inside the pool to click your exotic pictures. However, if you are seeking more excitement, then you can opt for the ropeway (a sort of aerial tram), which will take you to the top of Sahastradhara. You can enjoy mesmerizing views of the valley from the top and admire the beauty of nature. While doing so, do not forget to feel grateful that you can enjoy all this and more as you are alive (I always do this). 

Parks and water activities

Besides the perks mentioned above of visiting this area, you can also enjoy a human-made amusement park. Little travellers will especially love this, and as adults, you can allow your inner child some much-deserved indulgence. Several games can be played along with getting clicked in the traditional attires of Uttarakhand - a favourite activity amongst travellers. Additionally, you can visit the Joyland waterpark and hop onto many daring and non-daring rides. There are several water-based activities and rides too, which can be thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated. Children, young couples, and water lovers will definitely love this experience. 

So what are you waiting for? Pack your bag, as it's time for another vacation. If you are looking for maximum fun on a low-budget, then Dehradun is your ideal place. Visit Sahastradhara and enjoy a fulfilling and frolicking day, forgetting your worries, strengthening bonds with family, and, most importantly, healing your health in the sulphur springs near Dehradun, in India

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