Roskilde: 8 Days of Music and Freedom

Masa Mesic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Roskilde is one of the biggest music festivals in Europe and takes place every year in July. The festival has become extremely popular amongst Scandinavians, as it promotes a sense of community and social equality through the various charity organisations that it supports. 

Roskilde festival is more than just an opportunity to party. The festival runs as a non-profit organization, where each year, all the profits are donated to a specific charity or cause. For example this year the festival mainly focuses on climate change, and on creating more sustainability, especially when it comes to environmental issues. Now, how cool is that?! Roskilde was started by two high school students back in 1971 and includes various types of music genres, such as pop, reggae, hip hop and rock. This year the festival will take place from the 29th of June until the 7th of July 2019, just 30 kilometres west of Copenhagen

Picture © Credits to istock/olli0815

Since 1971, the Roskilde festival foundation was able to donate around 46 million EUR to various charities and humanitarian organizations, including Save the Children, Amnesty International, World Wild Life Fund, Doctors without Borders and many more. You might wonder what is Roskilde all about and what makes it different from other festivals... It is dominated by music, arts and a sense of freedom,  expressed through both its participants and the organizers. It’s a rather unique experience and a bit more of ‘think outside the box’ event.  

Picture © Credits to istock/olli0815

The line-up for this year’s festival includes artists such as Bob Dylan, MØ, The Cure, Cypress Hill, Rosalia and many more, which will entertain the audience throughout the eight days of good vibes. 

The tickets for the festival are priced at 2100 DKK (280 EUR) or if you want to purchase an one-day ticket it is 1050 DKK (140 EUR).  The tickets also include the accommodation at the camping site. Many people like to use a bicycle during their stay, which makes it easier to get around the festival sites. The festival has its very own mobile phone application, which you can download and get an overview of the line-up, programme and how to get around- very useful!    

Picture © Credits to istock/olli0815

A fun fact about Roskilde festival premises is that it has its very own lake, where you can go swimming! It also has an artificial lake where you can go fishing with your own or rented gear. I’ve never heard of any other music festival offering such unique activities.

Oh one more thing, leave you coins and notes at home because the festival (just like most of Denmark) is actually cashless. Hence you can only pay by card!! 

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