Romania's Black Sea party hub - Vama Veche

Iulia Condrea | Live the World

November 23, 2022

When it comes to Romanians, there are a couple of things that you should know. As a nation, we take pride in our traditions, we are a very friendly bunch, and we enjoy to party. Our reasons for partying are many and our club choices abundant. It is of no wonder that there are 7 must attend festivals in Romania in the summer. This is when the warm weather makes people want to head to the sea and bathe in the sunlight. It is here, at the Black Sea, that the party hub of Romania’s seaside resides. The Vama Veche seaside resort is where people go to be free, make new friends, and party until the sun shines, all of this right on the beach.

The location of Vama Veche

The Black Sea is Romania’s only coastline, stretching across 245 km. Nature’s treasure, Romania’s Danube Delta is part of it, its placement being where Danube River pours into the Black Sea. While the Danube Delta resides in the north, at the starting point of the seaboard, Vama Veche is in the south, 1 km from the Bulgarian border. Its location near Bulgaria makes this resort not only popular among Romanians but also among the Bulgarian people, who pass the border in search of Romanian parties.

Picture © Credit to: Ale Mocanu

Beginning the 1st of May up to the end of September, Vama Veche is the resort that never sleeps. Even tourists from the nearby Romanian coastal cities drive to this fun resort for the nightly celebrations. The location of the retreat guarantees a fast arrival time from the biggest city of the coastline, Constanţa. It is only at a distance of 54 km from Vama Veche, and it’s where one can visit the must-sees of Constanta, the Casino, and the Naval Shipyard.

Picture © Credit to: Ale Mocanu

Vama Veche’s transformation over the years

While the coastline was being developed, in the Communist era, Vama Veche wasn’t considered worthy of investing in. Back then, it was a small village, far from the more exciting seaside cities. In time, this village flourished. The intellectuals of the Communist era started gathering here to get creative and be unrestricted. Soon after, hippies and all sorts of artists started swarming in every year.

Picture © Credit to: istock/ ELENAPHOTOS

Across the years, the inhabitants of the Vama Veche resort tried to prevent the expanding of this little village, wishing to preserve its essence.* **They failed and bars started to appear, along with lodging opportunities. Despite these changes, Vama Veche has remained a resort where all types of people are welcome. It is certainly Romania’s most colorful seaside resort. People with eccentric outfits, college students, old people and young, all gather and party on the beach. There is no discrimination here, only acceptance and a good time*.

Party, party, party

Walking on the Vama Veche beach, one can see a bar or a club at every couple of meters. This is spectacular at night because the beach turns into a multitude of dance floors, music booming from all over the place. Many people place their tents right on the beach so that once they have grown tired, they can sleep for a bit and then resume partying. The feeling here is like no other that I have ever encountered, and the atmosphere entices even the most introverted person to start dancing.

The bars have a myriad of drink options, their colorful cocktails being high on demand, along with Romanian beer. Tuborg, Ciucaş, Timişoreana, Ciuc, Zăganu, Nenea Iancu, and Silva are a couple of beers that will make you appreciate the Romanian art of brewing beer.

Picture © Credit to: Ale Mocanu

If dancing or drinking isn't your thing, then check out the piano on the beach. Random people come up to the piano and play, entertaining the public. At night, there are bonfires where people gather to tell stories until sunrise. This is when most pictures are taken in the resort, due to the fact that the sun provides spectacular colors on the sky and sea. Staying up until sunrise is considered a rite of passage, the visitors being officially thought of as one of the locals.

Picture © Credit to: Ale Mocanu

Make sure you are well rested before embarking on a Vama Veche stay because this Romania's Black Sea resort will have you on a partying spree for days to come. Bring your tent, be ready to befriend locals and foreigners alike, and feel free in this seaside party hub.

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