Prutaš - the best view of Durmitor massif

Katarina Kalicanin | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Prutaš, rising at 2393 meters above the sea level is one of the most beautiful Durmitor’s peaks. Although it takes only the ninth position on highest peaks list, it is a trademark of the entire mountain. Observed from a foothill it looks amazing, but the view is even more breathtaking once you reach the summit. This peak is certainly holding the best view of the rest of Durmitor massif.

Prutaš got the name from its vertical cliffs called “prutovi” (twigs in the local language) and it means a mountain made of twigs. Its name is followed by an interesting legend of how this peak was shaped, young Todor and his Ruzica, the cruelness of the fairies and shepherd revenge.

Picture © Credits to shoricelu

How the peak got its name

Under the peak lies Todor’s valley. It is believed that it has got its name by good young man Todor who was one of the favorite guys in the area. He was in love with Ruzica a girl from a nearby village. The fairies who used to live on the mountain slopes admired Todor, but were also jealous of his affection to Ruzica. One day the fairies invited Todor to the mountain to join their dancing ceremony, but he had to leave all of his weapons in the village. Todor forgot to leave his knife, which as a shepherd he always kept with him. He joined the fairies and enjoyed their dance for a whole night. At some point, the fairies spotted his knife. In anger of his disobedience, they lifted him up to the clouds and threw him down the cliffs. It is believed that Todor fell on his chest and broke off part of the mountain that holds name Gruda (grudi- chest) and is near Prutaš.

Todor was mourned for a long time. In her sorrow Ruzica went to the mountain and never came back. Legend says that even the rocks howled in pain, so a spring in Todor's valley got a name after that (Pistet). The shepherds from the village wanted their revenge, so they made a long, hard twigs and used them to climb the mountain. In silence, the shepherds tied the fairies hairs together while they were sleeping and once the fairies woke up they rip their hair out. Nobody have ever seen those fairies since then. It is believed that the golden straws on the mountain slopes are the hair of the fairies. As time went by, the twigs melted with a rocks and the mountain got name after them.

Hiking Prutaš

Hiking Prutaš is a whole day activity and it requires certain level of physical fitness. The climbing route is categorized to mid difficult, but climbing it for the first time should be done with a guiding of an experienced alpinist since the summit is not approachable from every direction. It has four different sides, each being beautiful, but it is approachable from three marked paths. One way is through Dobri Do, Todorov Do and one is taking you close to the Škrčka lakes. Slopes of the mountain have a beautiful color combination of green and grey, since the vegetation is weirdly mixing with dolomite rocks.

Picture © Credits to fotoksa

Prutaš is situated along Durmitor Ring road. From its summit one can enjoy the best view of Durmitor massif. Breathtaking view of the Škrka valley and the highest peak of Durmitor, Bobotov kuk (2 523 m). On the east side, there is a peak Stit, quite close with its limestone cliffs. If you look on the south, you will see a glacial cirque Skrčka Lakes Valley, in which are located two lakes - Big Škrčko and Small Škrčko lakes. On the clear days; the view spreads far south where you can see the Orijen massif and the Adriatic coast. On the green plateau between the lakes, you can find a red roof house – Škrka mountain hut, where you can sleep during your adventure in this part of Durmitor. Don’t let snow in august surprise you, it is quite often a case. If you are lucky you might even see the eagles' nests on the mountain slopes.

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