Papa's band in Narvik, Norway

Kai Bonsaksen | Live the World

November 23, 2022

If you want another reason to come to Narvik after hearing about the fjords, the lights, and the humor, have a look at this:

My Papa has a band with his friends and they play on events in Narvik, Norway. They play in the bars and on annual events around the city. They practice in our house every week when they are finished with work. The band practice is work too, but the currency and value it produces is a different type than that of paper money. That's why it's called leisure.

The beginning

The band started as a casual band with the name ''Loud and Prout''. An Irish guy called Barry Prout played drums in this band. That's how it got its name. Ketil Bonsaksen (Aka: Papa) plays bass and sings. The last guy is called Hans Seines and played guitar. They switch out the members a lot in this band. Now there are almost completely new people in it.

Fun fact: They play around the city of Narvik on the coolest bars and places.

Rockstar lifestyle

They do not follow the typical rock star lifestyle which involves partying hard and forgetting about responsibility. Their approach is to follow the wave of having to work very hard and then when they are finished they work very hard on the music and takes good use of google calendar to manage their time perfectly. Their role in a rock star group would probably be the time-managers of the musicians.

Fun fact: People they do cover songs from includes Cadilac Kings and Paladins.

What you see when they play are the managers who decided that they could keep doing music and still be the rockstars of their own homes.

Band recognition vs Artist recognition

In Narvik, bands are not so much recognized, since the name tends to switch a lot for the bands, as well as the people. Individual artists are more recognized since their names are more or less stagnant. There is one band that is known by the whole city, though. Their name is ''Groms plass''. You can read about them in the article ''Groms plass''.

The schedule

Their routine is to arrange a practice day in the evening of weekdays and then make a lot of coffee and meet in our house because our house has the most space.

Their bond is at least stronger than the beach boys

All of these people are friends on the side and this band idea is the solution to stay connected. They play blues, jazz, and a lot of rockabilly. They continue doing this because it is a relieving hobby. The best argument for why they do this is probably ''the case for music as the highest form of art'' which was presented by Marina Abramovic and Jordan Peterson. There is a music community in Narvik which makes sure that there are people creating music in our city to keep it culturally breeding.

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