Ovos moles - the sweetest Aveiro tradition

Marko Radojević | Live the World

September 19, 2022

Trying ovos moles (soft eggs) and taking a photo with it is like a photo near Eiffel Tower in Paris or a photo with a mug of beer in Munich or a photo with a waffle or fries in Brussels. It's impossible not to try it. Some people can stop eating this sweat product of Aveiro after tasting one, some (including me) cannot get enough of it. Let me introduce you to ovos moles from Aveiro.

Aveiro is a city in Portugal that for me has a special place in the heart. It'a nice, small and cute place. Also, a sweat city. Besides the smell of the salt (salt is produced on the outskirts of the city) and the smell of the freshly prepared coffee, smell of pastry is all around. Each Portuguese city has something special when we talk about food and cuisine - for example in Porto there is famous francesinha (here you can read more about classic restaurants in Lisbon). Each region has its specialties. There is a list of Portuguese food and drink products with protected status. Aveiro is a proud capital of ovos moles. Ovos moles are small and simple pastry made of eggs, sugar and wafer molds.

Sounds so easy: eggs, sugar, molds. Well, not all the people are allowed to make them. Also, you may try to make them in your home but... you'll need a certificate to make them. Also, you'll need a copper pot, stove, 2-5 helpers, wafer molds, patience, love and skillful hands. This is actually how the process goes. And don't forget that we are talking about hundreds and hundreds of eggs to make hundreds of ovos moles.

Ovos moles are made in shape of fish, barrel or shell - all motives originally connected with Aveiro, ocean and maritime tradition. You can buy them in all Aveiro bakeries, and of course, in all Portuguese cities but, all of them are made only in Aveiro. You can buy ovos moles in all bakeries but also in all shops since local producers pack them in small wooden barrels.

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