Original gifts to bring from Warsaw

Anna Kowalska | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Visiting Poland and thinking of some original gifts to bring for your friends? Warsaw is a perfect place to find some interesting products that are locally created. I have put a list of some great stores to visit while souvenir-shopping in the capital.

Modern feminine jewellery

© Anna Kowalska

Kopi is a fairly new company created by Natalia Kopiszka that quickly became one of the favourite brands of Polish girls. Her pieces are beautifully designed and very feminine. Among them, you will find the iconic rings in the shape of a hand, pendants shaped as curvy female figures or eye-shaped earrings. Visiting the boutique is a pleasure in itself - you step into a girly room covered in pink velvet in the heart of Warsaw.

The cutest ceramics

© Anna Kowalska

There are multiple ceramic studios in Warsaw, but Fenek is a special one. Located in Powiśle district, the small shop is also an atelier for two artists who opened the studio in 2015. Fenek Studio is just the perfect place for the lovers of ceramic goods - everything is hand-crafted and just in the cutest form possible. The store is also their workshop so while visiting you might have a sneak-peek at what is going on behind the scenes. As every piece is created by hand, you will not find two identical mugs or funny animal figures which makes them even more precious.

Polish to the bone

© Anna Kowalska

Pan tu nie stał (the name is a quotation from a popular movie from the communist times) is probably the oldest of the brands presented. Created in 2006, in the city of Łódź, it sells locally produced clothing and accessories. This streetwear brand is Polish to the bone. Their design derives from communist Poland, using the aesthetics and commonly-known phrases that are now usually out of use. Not only they are witty and funny, but the products are also always modern and beautifully designed. The store of Pan tu nie stał is a place to visit itself as it has some nice scenography (for example the large model of feet with socks and sandals, which is a running joke of a Polish tourist abroad outfit). Do not miss it!

© Anna Kowalska

Create your own perfume

Another interesting souvenir idea might be creating your own scent. Mo61 is a small perfume shop in which you can create your dream composition. The signature scent is created under the eye of the experienced professionals who are willing to help in understanding the structure of a smell. How about creating a composition that will resemble your trip to Warsaw?

I hope this list will help you get around the nicest places in Warsaw where you can try getting some presents different from traditional postcards and mugs. These places are commonly visited stores by the inhabitants of Warsaw but they might not seem like an obvious choice for the newcomers. If you are looking for some original gifts to bring from Poland, make sure to check them out.

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