Open air cinema of Belgrade - Zvezda

Lejla Dizdarevic | Live the World

November 23, 2022

More than just the warm summer season of blockbusters

Imagine an evening with your loved ones, spent while enjoying your favorite drink, watching a great movie and at the same time admiring the wonderful, summer sunset. Yes, all that is very much possible, all at once. In case you are staying in Belgrade during the summer, and you feel like you would need something to spice up your usual summer routine of complaining about the unbearable heat, then don’t despair – you are reading the right article. Allow me to present you the “oldie but goodie” trademark of Belgrade, Zvezda open air cinema.

As a matter of fact, Zvezda cinema is quite renowned and with rich history, as it was one of the first cinemas in Belgrade. Unfortunately, during turbulent 90s, the cinema was sold to a private owner and left completely neglected and abandoned in the very center of Belgrade.

Fortunately, as most of the tales, this one in Belgrade has a happy ending. In November 2014, a group of enthusiastic activists and young students had a remarkable initiative – they decided to make Zvezda open air cinema visited and cool again, by screening movies and hosting heated debates over drinks at the building rooftop. Moreover, the initiative meant way more, as it was an effective way to fight the cultural demolition phenomenon and serve as meeting point for the new generation of Serbian filmmakers. The long forgotten cinema now became the trendiest place to go for a movie date and a night out in Belgrade.

Another great thing- ticket prices are hilariously cheap, and the variety of choices is huge so there is no need to take a look at the programme, as you may be sure that you can always find a legendary movie to watch. All that at the hidden roof top location of the Belgrade loft truly makes the visit to Zvezda open air cinema an extraordinary experience.

The conceptual idea of the cinema itself, youthful activism, drives thought and arouses consciousness. Zvezda open air cinema is a place where ideas, creativity, dialogue and entertainment circulate. Therefore, do not wait any longer but visit a place where hedonism and great movies collide.

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