Off the beaten track : Visit Albania

Elda Ndoja | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Tell people that you are planning a trip to Albania and their immediate reaction will be a shocked face. They might try to stop you or change your mind by listing all the negative sides that Albania has or they will start mentioning stereotypes that most of the time are just generalizations and not true. So, once you decide to come in Albania, I suggest you to stick to that plan and later you can figure out by yourself if all those opinions were true or not. However, no place is perfect and during your trip in Albania you will find a lot of things that are wrong and need to be improved (even albanians know this). On the other hand, you will experience things and you will see places that will leave you speechless.


Albania suffered from a complete isolation from the world during dictatorship era that was very hard to overcome and it left the country behind in so many aspects. And this is one of the reasons that Albania is still an unknown country for some people and it is not yet considered as a touristic destination. Anyways, for the past years, the country has had the opportunity to gather lots of tourists and the chance to become a bit more visible in the eyes of the world.


Now I will mention some good things that unpopularity brings : #GoodThingNumber1 You will have all the country for yourself. This may sound a bit weird but I am referring to big crowds. Very crowded places are not typical in Albania so take the best of every trip you have around the country. #GoodThingNumber2 Hospitality. It is widely known that albanians are very friendly and welcoming and you will have the chance to see it by yourself. Tell someone that you don't have a place to stay and they will invite you in their home and serve typical albanian dishes. #GoodThingNumber3 Cheap prices. Compared to other europian countries, Albania has cheaper prices and if you want to visit museums or other attractions, you will have to pay just a small fee. If you are lucky enough to have an albanian as a guide or companion, you can find places that you can enter without a fee. However, just check on the internet and you will find lots of things to do in Albania and especially Tirana without spending too much money. #GoodThingNumber4 Raki. If you are a big fan of alcohol, you must try albanian raki but I warn you IT'S TOO STRONG and raki made out in the villages is equal to three normal drinks. Maybe you have tried it somewhere else in Balkans but when you finally taste albanian raki you will know it's not the same.

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