Nature around Dubrovnik: Srđ and Rijeka Dubrovačka

Marko Radojević | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Dubrovnik is a place that attracts people from all over the world. Dubrovnik is one of the most visited destinations in Europe, and therefore in Croatia. Dubrovnik Old Town, with its wall and towers, is something special and worthy of admiration. Many stories are told about Dubrovnik, about its people and legends. Unlike all other stories from Dubrovnik, this time we will talk about the nature that surrounds this extraordinary city - Srđ Hill and Rijeka Dubrovačka.

One note to start: we will not talk about the locations where the "Game of Thrones" series was filmed. In this short guide, we will admire the beauty of two nature sites - Srđ and Rijeka Dubrovačka. Therefore, let's go up!

Srđ - the hill that protects the town

As usual, we have to get to the Old City, but only temporarily to get into the cable car and go on a short adventure of climbing the Mount Srđ. In just four minutes, you will be above the city of Dubrovnik, and the Adriatic Sea will be so close that you will have a desire to touch it. I must mention that the Srđ can be reached on foot. Well, that is THE adventure and a challenge. The zigzag road will take you to the same place where the cable car brings you. In case of walking, you will beat the path 2.5 kilometers long (uphill!).

Photo © credits: iStock/Tuomas_Lehtinen

To the very top, you will be led by a twisted path that climbs up and up. Each level that you pass will be a reward for you, as you will little by little get a partial view of Dubrovnik and the Adriatic Sea. Now that you are already up (and you will need between 30 to 50 minutes if walking), enjoy an extraordinary view. At the very top is the Fort Imperial from the 19th century, built by Napoleon's army. There is a museum and a smaller restaurant there. From the very top, you will see the city of Dubrovnik, the Old Town and its wall with towers, as well as Lokrum island and Lapad peninsula.

Photo © credits: iStock/RomanBabakin

After enjoying the beautiful views you can return using the same route, or if you are tired you can use the cable car. It's up to you. Now, we are going to the less famous Rijeka Dubrovačka.

Rijeka Dubrovačka - a quiet part of the city

Rijeka Dubrovačka (the River of Dubrovnik) is a ria that was formed in the short course of the river Ombla. By the Adriatic road, you can reach the Ombla mouth into the Adriatic Sea in a short time. Rijeka Dubrovačka represents a series of settlements around the river Ombla. And it is especially nice that this is a part of Dubrovnik with not too many tourists, wherein the air you smell more peaceful vibes and time passes slower. Around the Ombla River itself, there are restaurants, bars, and walking upstream in about an hour, you will reach the source of the river. Back in the day, this was the place where Dubrovnik was supplied with water.

Dubrovnik is magical and wonderful, but its beauty is not complete without the surrounding nature. Srđ Hill and Rijeka Dubrovačka are just some of the places you can count on when escaping from the crowd. Long live nature!

Photo © credits: iStock/Biggunsband

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