National parks in Germany; the grand southern tour

Alara Benlier | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Germany might be famous for its beers, its amazing old city centers, its history and wursts, but it sure also has the best national parks! With its sixteen diverse states, Germany offers a different and unique culture and cuisine, and of course, gorgeous landscapes. Previously we have discovered together the northern national parks of Germany, but keep in mind that this gorgeous country offers a much more amazing nature, from the top to the bottom! If you want to explore the national parks that preserve the natural environment, to calm your soul while wandering around ancient forests and to have the best experience in southern Germany, then keep reading, cause I'm about to share info about my favorite national parks!

Picture © Credits to photography-wildlife-de

Lying on the south part of the peaceful Edersee lake and of the gorgeous low mountain range of Kellerwald, the Kellerwald-Edersee National Park is the perfect place to stop for a deep breath. In fact, it looks like the perfect place to meditate; this amazing park has crystal-clear streams** and wavy hills that are covered with beeches. This national park has its ancient side too! Its rock and boulder fields date back to the last ice age! In addition, if you want to be surrounded by wise old trees and orchids, then grab your backpack and head to Hesse, Germany! In this national park, you can have a guided tour or cycle through specific bike routes. You can discover this virgin habitat during the day, but keep in mind that during the night, the full of stars sky **will mesmerise you even more.

Picture © Credits to betyarlaca

Channel your inner wolf and let's go to the Bavarian Forest National Park! This huge park was founded in 1970. I am referring to it as "huge", since this park has more than 200 kilometers long cycle routes and 80 kilometers long cross-country ski trails! In this gorgeous park, you can do many activities while surrounded by crystal-clear streams and an ancient forest. You can also check out the Lake Rachelsee, which is the park's only lake! Of course, you can always attend a guided tour too. However, the most important fact of this park is that it's home for many animals. So watch out, cause you might end up making friends with red deers, wildcats, otters, beavers, lots of cute birds and of course wolves.

Picture © Credits to JWackenhut

And the last but not least, the famous Black Forest National Park! This amazing park is located in the beautiful Baden-Württemberg region, in Germany. The Black Forest National Park is one of the best national parks in the whole country and it is full of activities! You can hike, cycle, attend guided tours and even do winter sports while there! If you climb up through the wild black forest, you might come across many* plants and rare animals. Remember, the motto there is "Leave nature to nature*" , so anyone who works there, will probably ask you kindly not to disturb the wildlife and respect nature **during your visit.

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