Naslavcea village: the best Dniester River viewpoints

Vladlena Martus | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Usually, the places that are worth visiting, we firstly see in beautiful pictures from the Internet or our friends. There are infinitely many photos of Moldova, but the most inspiring of them are those of the Dniester River. This river separates Moldova from its neighbor Ukraine (as well as another part of the country - Transnistria) and extends for 1,352 kilometers, and in the end, flows into the Black Sea. There are several great viewpoints to enjoy the Dniester. Let’s find out what places you should visit to have unforgettable impressions and the same splendid photos. This is the story about the Naslavcea village - the northernmost point of Moldova

The northernmost point of Moldova

Naslavcea is a countryside in the Ocnita district of Moldova, on the right bank of the Dniester River. The Naslavcea village is the northernmost point of the** Republic of Moldova, situated at a 252 km distance from the capital of the country - Chisinau.  Naslavcea was officially documented in 1437 as the land of the boyar Mikhail from the village Dorokhoi. Since 1812, the countryside becomes a custom point on the Dniester River, and in some acts, it is also marked as a commercial port. These circumstances led to the development of the local craftsmen activities: shoemakers, potters, millers, weavers, bricklayers, blacksmiths. Near Naslavcea, the Nagoryan caves** are situated - during the troubled times of the Tatar invasion, the local inhabitants hid in those caves. The villagers will surely tell you a lot of amazing legends about the most beautiful women that were saved in the caves, about hidden treasures, the spirits of hills that protect the lands of Naslavcea from troubles. The countryside has a church built at the beginning of the last century. It has been continuously working for more than a century, since the very first day of its discovery, and on the opposite bank of the Dniester, there is an incredibly beautiful Lyadovsky monastery which is situated in Ukraine. 

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Alex Prodan

Little Switzerland of Moldova

Everyone who has ever visited Naslavcea says that no matter how old, small or abandoned this place could look, its natural and unquestioning beauty attracts and makes you fall in love with it at first sight. This is not only a significant place that every tourist should visit. This village, somehow, resembles a mountainous Switzerland. However, our Moldavian Switzerland is not full of tourists, it is wild and unexplored. The villagers say that it is not spoiled by civilization and tourists, which means a lot for keeping its original and untouched flora and fauna. It is not a surprise that you can find here a lot of various rocks like chalk, slate and flint of the most bizarre color shades. Fans of ancient eras have a possibility to see and touch black schists with phosphates, shale clays and even thin layers with imprints of Sarmatian fish and plants. Naslavcea is a good viewpoint on the most romantic place of interest in here - an island between two banks of Dniester in the shape of a heart! They say that this is the heart of the Dniester River itself. 

Picture © Credits to Wikipedia/Alex Prodan

The real treasure of Moldova

There are a lot of places in Moldova that could serve as great viewpoints on the Dniester River. One of them, as you understood, is Naslavcea. It gives a perfect northern** view, surrounding you with the rocky banks of the river covered with forest and hundreds of species of wild flowers. That's why on a hot summer day, you could feel plenty of spicy and fragrant scents there, but in the cold winters, one sense the northern wind and fresh air with the great view of the frozen Dniester. It doesn't matter how many times you have visited this place, it will never leave you indifferent. This is the real treasure of Moldova.**

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