Narzan Spa in Kislovodsk

Victoria Derzhavina | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Kislovodsk is one of the cities in the Caucasian Mineral Waters (Caucasian Spas), which is a unique Russian resort complex with a cluster of mineral springs. A cozy city, Kislovodsk is located in a small valley, surrounded by the mountains and saved from the cold winds. Picturesque landscapes, mountain air, mild climate, elegant ancient architecture create a relaxed atmosphere, and hard-to-reach mountain paths inspire the adventure travelers. However, the main attraction in Kislovodsk is Narzan Spa.

Photo © credits to Andrey Semenov

A healing power of “a drink of brave warriors”

It takes six years for the water from the melting snow in the mountains to become Narzan water. During this long journey, it finds its way through the fissures and cracks in the underground rocks, it becomes enriched by more than 20 minerals and salts, it congregates in the underground lakes and then appears on the surface as a spring. Many folk stories sing praise to its healing power. In Kabardino-Cherkess language its name sounds as “Nart-sane”, which means “a drink of brave warriors”.

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Taste "the drink of brave warriors"

It is recommended to take Narzan twice a day, 20 minutes before the meal. The main place where you can taste this “drink of brave warriors” is the Narzan Gallery. It was built in 1848, which at that time was used for the promenades and rendezvous. In the hall decorated with white marble, palm trees and antique statues, there are 16 fountains with three kinds of Narzan: common, dolomite and sulfate, both hot or cold.

Photo © credits to Elen@Elochka

In the 19th century, the mineral water was taken from the well inside the Narzan Gallery. Now, you can see this well under the glass dome. Narzan bubbles up there like boiling water.

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Local people prefer the Zhelyabovsky pump-room. A small building in antique style was built in 1960 when the borehole No. 23 was drilled to pump the highest quality Narzan water from the depth of 300 m. Most people consider the Narzan mineral water from this spring the tastiest in Kislovodsk.

Photo © credits to Dymmoq

Narzan Baths

Narzan is used not only for drinking but also for taking baths. In the special buildings that are called the Main Narzan Baths and October Narzan Baths, you can take not only the Narzan baths, but different kinds of a spa, sauna, massage, and Tambukan mud wrap.

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The oldest Russian terrain cure

Kislovodsk was the first place where the terrain cure was used as one of the special cures in the spa. In 1901, doctor Oblonsky made the first route for the oldest Russian terrain cure. Nowadays, six routes are organized in Kislovodsk Resort Park that are from 1,7 to 6 km long. The longest and the most difficult route leads you 1300 m up to Maloye Sedlo point, where you can enjoy the magnificent views over the plains and see Mount Elbrouz, the highest mountain in Europe. Or you can go up in the cable car and go down on foot. There are many interesting things to see and do in Kislovodsk and around it, but the most famous, no doubt, is Narzan Spa in Kislovodsk.

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