My favorite places to get a drink in Leuven

Eline Melis | Live the World

November 23, 2022

Next to food, nice drinks are the perfect way to brighten up my day. Give me an awesome Matcha tea, a sweet jelly bubble tea or a perfect Chocolate milk and I will be feeling better in a few seconds. These are my favorite places to stop by after or before I go to a course at university in Leuven to get a drink. These places do not only have the usual coffee, cappuccino, coca cola... as their menu but also serve home made delicious drinks you normally do not really see, but sound (and taste) very delicious.

Bubble Bar

I discovered this place last year and it is amazing. I myself had never heard of the concept before. You can choose all the ingredients for the drink, so there are a lot of options and experiments to try out. The best thing about these drinks are the bubbles or the jelly that you can choose from. Never before had I seen those bubbles that you can put in it. It is a small round that you can crush with your tongue so it pops open in your mouth. The bubble tea you can see in the picture below is a combination of a hot earl grey tea, with banana taste and apple tasting bubbles, then I asked for the highest sweetness level (I really wanted it sweet). It was really delicious and if you change the banana with coconut it is even better, it is less overwhelming in taste then.

Mont café

I used to see my friends buy coffee from here for 2 years before trying it. The many different drinks are really delicious and there is an option for whatever you want that day. They go from bitter black coffees to sweet milk malthezer drinks (which is also my favorite drink now). You can choose to take out your drink or to drink at their coffee shop. Since the shop itself is rather small they only have seats for around 5 people inside. These seats are placed next to each other at one long table against the window so you can also drink comfortably when you are without your friends. They also have a terras that has heaters and blankets on cold days. Overall this is my favorite place to take out a sweet Malthezer.

Punto Café

This place I also discovered thanks to my friends. They talked about it so much that I just decided to go there and get a drink. You can choose between a lot of different coffees and matcha milk drinks. The nice thing about this place is that you can also take out your drink, so you can enjoy it in the park or somewhere else. And if sitting outside is too cold for you in the winter, don't worry you can also sit inside and enjoy the warmth.

Anna Specialty Bar

This is the ideal place if you want to work on something or if you want to speak to someone without being interrupted by a waiter. Once you enter and chose your spot to sit, you can decide what to drink as long as you like since you have to go and order yourself. The first time it might be a bit confusing since it normally doesn't work this way in Belgium but it is the way to go if you do want to be interrupted while working.

Le Mustache

Have you ever tried Moroccan apple tea? It is a sweet drink sent from heaven if you are like me and love sweet drinks. I discovered this tea here and it is served with a chocolate bar named "koetjesreep". This chocolate bar is something I always ate when I was a child and it has this typical taste in it that is irresistible to me. They also sell breakfast with delicious bagels and lunch with a croque monsieur, a bagel or a salad. But honestly I would just come and get a drink here just for that delicious chocolate bar. :)

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