Best food spots in Leuven

Eline Melis | Live the World

November 23, 2022

I have lived now for almost four years in Le[uven]( as a student and one of the most important things for me is good food. As a student city, most of the restaurants offer a student menu that is way cheaper (but of course less elaborated) then the normal menu. Luckily the deliciousness of the food is not affected by this difference. Beneath I will give you a look at my most beloved spots to eat in Leuven and if they have discounts for students.


Do you love sushi or Asian food, the this is the place for you. Me and my boyfriend love to eat sushi, but since he eats a lot (like three times what I eat sometimes) we need to look for a place that offers a lot of delicious food and that is not that expensive as well. Samurai offers a student sushi boat for two persons or more and it is big, really big. I have eaten there with different people and have only been able to finish it together with one person. Luckily you can take out the remaining sushi, so you can enjoy it later on. On the picture you can see the portion for two people.

Amici Miei

If Asian food is not your thing, then maybe Italian food is. This place offers you delicious homemade Italian food. But honestly, I only go there for their pizzas at 5 (or 6?) euro. Usually when the price for a pizza is that low I expect a small pizza that will leave me a bit hungry, but not at this place. You get a delicious big pizza that leaves you with a happy feeling (since it tastes so good). This place is very known among students so it might be best to reserve your table beforehand. Otherwise you might not have a table available.

Quick Asia

This is another place that offers Asian food, but is completely different from the "Samurai" that I already mentioned. Quick Asia offers you Japanese Ramen, Udon, woks and so on. Very delicious and not that expensive. (I admit it, I eat here almost every Sunday evening once I arrive in Leuven.) I usually make use of their take out (you can order online, which means that there is no awkward phone call in which you have to repeat your order several times), but you can also eat there. Be aware that their terrace is really small though.

Sticks & Bowls

The nicest thing about this place is that you have to put together your entire meal yourself. First you have to choose between a bowl or a seaweed wrapping. Then you can choose between rice, quinoa or a salad and after this you can choose your favorite topping. It is a really refreshing meal and it stands out between other restaurants in Leuven. If you want a refreshing drink together with your bowl then the homemade ice teas are a must. I always take one since it's delicious.

Sticky Fingers

The last place on this list (and probably also the most expensive one of these five) is the restaurant "Sticky Fingers". If you enter this place, you are welcomed by the amazing smell of barbecue. When we go there we always start with "the sweet and honey chicken wings" (are you already getting hungry? I was so distracted by how delicious they are and look that I forgot to take a picture... :) ). And by tradition I then choose one of the many smoked or grilled ribs. Most of the times I take the one with barbecue sauce, but last time I discovered "The Jack Daniel's Spareribs"... (no words are needed for this). It might be a bit more expensive, since they don't offer a student menu, but this place is probably my most favorite restaurant in Leuven. And don't worry of you are vegetarian, they have an entire burger section that you can order in a vegetarian version if you ask.

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